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Experts Disclose What Paris Hilton’s Feet Reveal

LOS ANGELES - USA - Experts at the FEETT Institute have revealed what Paris Hilton's feet mean to her physiology.

Experts at the Foot Environmental Exponentiation Think-Tank (FEETT) have been studying the phenomenon of Paris Hilton’s feet for the past 20 years.

Professor Inglebight Mannering, leading researcher for the FEETT institute, is not a renowned foot fetishist but a scientist who has truly got to grip with Paris Hilton’s size 15 feet.

“Just look at those bulbous toes, the bone structure is truly astounding. Her big toe alone could injure a small dog, you know, like a Chihuahua or some other toy breed. We are fascinated by such aberrations, especially amongst the female species. Our findings after much analysis and recording data from over 20,000 subjects is that Paris Hilton most certainly has a huge vagina, like a vast cavern. From our records, we found a viable correlation between foot length and girth to vagina size. Our estimation, without physical corroboration, would be that the subject’s vagina is over 25″ in depth and approximately 14″ wide.”

Paris Hilton’s feet certainly do stick out, as the celebrity has been known to squash little dogs when she clomps around Beverly Hills.

One woman walking her Shih Tzu in 2018 revealed that Paris Hilton had just walked out of a shoe shop and, without noticing, squashed her dog with her enormous foot.

“I was about to walk into the shoe shop when I heard a crunching sound and a yelp. I looked down, and an enormous foot had squashed my little Mimi. Paris Hilton looked down and started to wipe the bloody mess off her large stiletto and complained that she had just had those shoes delivered specially hand made from Italy. She threw me a wad of twenties for my dog, and stormed off, wiping her shoe all the way to her Bentley. Naturally, I was outraged, but I forgive her because she is a celebrity,” Angela Multhrope, a Beverly Hills resident, revealed.

There are positives though for Paris Hilton’s condition, for example giving birth will be no problem. She will probably not even notice the baby coming out, especially with such a huge vagina. Other positives are that if she needs to hide a large object fast, she can do so in her large cavernous hole, especially good for jail time and shoplifting.

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