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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Russell Brand’s Claim That He Took Meghan Markle ‘Up the Greek’...

BRISTOL - England - Former comedian and actor, Russell Brand has claimed in a TV show that he took Meghan Markle 'up the Greek'.

Bubba Waiting For Bill Cosby in His Cell

PENNSYLVANIA - USA - Bill Cosby from the Cosby Show has finally been convicted of rape, and now is going to jail.

Congratulations to Baby Machine Kate Middleton

LONDON - England - Congratulations to the Cambridge family on their third baby and the Duchess Kate Middleton.

Call For Guns to Be Banned in Murder Capital London

LONDON - England - London under Labour leadership is now more murderous than New York. Maybe it is time to ban guns in the UK?

Stormy: President Trump Consults Carlos Santana

LAS VEGAS - USA - President Donald Trump has consulted genius musician Carlos Santana on his Stormy troubles.

#YouAsWell Hashtag Trending With #WhoCares and #GetOverYourself

LOS ANGELES - USA - Twitter hashtags trending at the moment are threatening to derail the #metoo victim generation.

Obama Marxist Propaganda to Infiltrate Netflix

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former president, Barack Obama is going to get a series of shows pushing his Marxist propaganda on Netflix.

Oscars: “..and the Mangina Award Goes to..”

LOS ANGELES - USA - Host of the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel, is all in favour of castration and the emasculation of all men.

Why We Need More Doped Up Americans Not Less

LOS ANGELES - USA - Musician and ex-rock star, Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, deplores the usage of drugs.

Kylie Jenner Says She Doesn’t Like Orange Juice So Much Anymore...

CHICAGO - USA - Reality TV celebrity, Kylie Jenner, said she didn't like orange juice much today, causing orange futures to crash.