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‘Mother’ Film About Social Liberalism and the Planet

LOS ANGELES - USA - Darren Aronofsky's latest film 'Mother' has a clear message that is lost by many viewers.

Daily Squib Publishing Acquires 67% Stake in Rolling Stone Magazine Sale

NEW YORK - USA - Great news for music lovers across the globe, the Daily Squib has acquired a substantial share of the recent Rolling Stone magazine sale after owners Wenner put it up for sale.

Jim Carrey Reveals the Truth at Meaningless Hollywood Awards Ceremony

LOS ANGELES - USA - This is incredible. Jim Carrey actually reveals the truth about Hollywood award ceremonies.

Emancipation In Action: Women Who Can Beat Men In MMA

LAS VEGAS - USA - Female emancipation has come a long way since the Suffragettes. Especially with women's MMA where these seemingly gentle, beautiful ladies can easily hospitalise any man or woman.

Why Do Hurricanes Have Such Nice, Pleasant Names?

FLORIDA - USA - The body that names hurricanes is considering giving them nasty names, simply because these storms create such devastation and heart ache.

The Great British Fake Off

SCUNTHORPE - England - The evil pestilence of some TV shows like the Great British Fake Off are similar to some viruses, jumping from one channel to another, albeit spreading the same banal message of death.

Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ Luke Skywalker Secrets Leaked

LONDON - England - A leaked memo from the production team for the latest Star Wars installation named The Last Jedi, has revealed some amazing information about Luke Skywalker that will possibly freak out all those stalwart Star Wars fans who await the film in December.

Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage Eaten By Husky On Set

IRELAND - Filming for Game of Thrones episode eight was halted momentarily after actor Peter Dinklage was eaten whole by a husky dog on set on Wednesday.

Bonnie Tyler to be Resurrected From the Dead For Total Eclipse

FLORIDA - USA - Eighties pop starlet, Bonnie Tyler, who can literally make paint peel with her voice, has been recruited to sing on a Caribbean cruise ship for the total eclipse which will take place on August 21.

Disney Streaming Another Nail In Hollywood Coffin

LOS ANGELES - USA - With cinemas seeing less and less viewers, streaming on the internet has now become king.