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Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Kylie Jenner Says She Doesn’t Like Orange Juice So Much Anymore...

CHICAGO - USA - Reality TV celebrity, Kylie Jenner, said she didn't like orange juice much today, causing orange futures to crash.

Jeremy Corbyn Cast as Communist Arch Villain in New James Bond...

LONDON - England - MP and former soviet spy, Jeremy Corbyn has been cast in the latest James Bond film.

Black Panther Review – Wakanda Fantasy Beyond Awful

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Black Panther film is an American insult to Africans and the continent of Africa. View with caution.

Michelle Obama Artist Diagnosed With Serious Visual Impairment

LOS ANGELES - USA - Eye doctors and Ophthalmologists have questioned the Michelle Obama portrait painter's eyesight.

American Heritage Foundation: “Donald Trump Will Be Added to Mount Rushmore...

KEYSTONE - USA - The American Heritage Foundation has announced that president Donald Trump will be added to Mount Rushmore.

Was Donald Trump Worth It?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump in his first year has been way too nice. He needs to get into gear or lose the next election.

Prince William Debuts New Hirsute Look

KENSINGTON - England - Prince William reportedly forked out £180 for a Myspace cut after getting sick of being “teased by Prince Harry about going bald”, it has been reported.

#metoo ‘Hypocrites’ Stunned By Brigitte Bardot Fight Back

ST TROPEZ - France - The backlash against the hypocritical #metoo feminists continues with iconic actress Brigitte Bardot.

Trump: “We’re Living in a Sh*thole Called America”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Donald Trump went on another one of his ranting tirades in the White House, and had to be restrained by White House staff.

Celebs Freak Out Over Rumoured Weinstein Sighting in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES - USA - Serial perverted rat, Harvey Weinstein is allegedly attending this year's Golden Globe awards.