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‘Compassionate’ Meghan Markle Ignores Her Dying Father in Hospital

MONTECITO - USA - Meghan Markle constantly flouts her compassionate nature regarding global causes, yet feels none for her own father in hospital.

Thou Dost Chipolata Too Much Peter Andre

LONDON - England - Peter Andre is defending the alleged size of his chipolata at the High Court and in all newspapers.

Amber Never Heard, She’s Tone Deaf

LOS ANGELES - USA - Amber Heard may be extremely beautiful but sadly she has many misgivings in the brain department.

Johnny Depp Kitchen Maintenance Tips

LOS ANGELES - USA - Actor Johnny Depp reveals the intricacies of kitchen maintenance in his latest instructional video.

Academy Award Members Prepare For Gang Gun Fights Next Year’s Oscars

HOLLYWOOD - USA - Academy Award members have been discussing allowing gang gun fights at next year's ceremony after applauding the use of violence this year from Will Smith.

The Glory of a Blacked Oscars

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood has never encountered such a colourful Oscars night as the unfettered violence flowed with gusto across TV screens around the globe.

Jussie Smollett Now Claiming Prison Nazis Beat Him and Forced Him...

CHICAGO - USA - Imprisoned celebrity, Jussie Smollett is now claiming that he was attacked in prison and forced to praise Donald Trump.

Formerly Funny Aussie Actress Loses Weight and Comedy Ability

LONDON - England - The FAFTA Awards this year was hosted by a formerly funny Aussie actress who seems to have gone woke.

Black People Feel Protective Over Meghan Markle

LOS ANGELES - USA - For many black people, Meghan Markle is their champion, and they feel protective of her from all the vitriol.

Hollywood Actor Alec Baldwin is Shooting New Cowboy Film

HOLLYWOOD - USA - The highly strung actor, Alec Baldwin is apparently shooting a cowboy film set for release next year.

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