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Disney Could Replace Meghan Markle With Plank of Wood

LOS ANGELES - USA - Disney film executives may replace Meghan Markle and her acting skills with a plank of wood.

George Clooney Saddened He Got Caught Out for Peddling Child Labour

BERKSHIRE - England - Hollywood actor, George Clooney has been caught profiting off the backs of children forced to work in coffee fields for little or no pay.

Servant: “Meghan Told Harry If He Ain’t Royal No Mo’ She...

VANCOUVER - Canada - Some news has filtered through about Meghan Markle from one of her former servants working in the freebie mansion.

Harvey Weinstein – Meet Bubba Your Cell Mate

NEW YORK - USA - Harvey Weinstein, the former top Hollywood producer is going to prison for a long time after being convicted in court for rape.

Former Prince Harry Loving Time in Canada

VANCOUVER - Canada - Former royal, prince Harry is said to be settling down well to married life with his wife Meghan Markle and the kid in his freebie mansion.

Celebrities Will Get Medals and Paraded Through Streets For Coming Out...

LONDON - England - Plans are afoot to have a national celebration of four days across the nation when celebrities come out as gay.

Former Prince Harry Paid £775K by JP Morgan to Reveal He...

MIAMI - USA - Tacky former Prince Harry, received over £775, 000 to speak about his mental state for banking giant JP Morgan.

Meghan Markle Proud of Her Pre-Op Teenage Years

ONTARIO - Canada - Former royal, Meghan Markle has been reminiscing about her teenage pre-plastic surgery days.

Who Was Kobe Bryant?

LOS ANGELES - USA - According to news reports emanating from America some guy who bounced balls around on a court died.

Woman Successfully Turns Royal Prince into a Frog

ONTARIO - Canada - A woman has successfully turned a royal prince into a frog. This incredible feat was achieved with little or no effort.

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