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Fans Wonder Why Kim Kardashian Only Travels in a Stretch Limousine?

LOS ANGELES - USA - Fans of porn celebrity Kim Kardashian have been wondering why she always travels in a stretch limousine?

Why does Kim Kardashian only travel around in a stretch limousine? These are some of the questions her avid fans always ask.

2015 MTV Video Music Awards
LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 30, 2015: Kim Kardashian at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, USA

“Yeh, everywhere she goes, it’s in a stretch limo. Like, even when she goes to the Walmart store to buy stuff. We wanna know why it has to be a stretch limo?” one fan asked on Instagram.

Another Kardashian fan was also curious.

“I saw Kim Kardashian’s stretch limo take her to her local Taco Bell store, where she had an underling go and buy some food. She then drove back to her home, which was like 200 yards away or something.”

Celebrity Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dwight Nethersmear had a rather stretchy theory about the entire mystery surrounding Kim and her stretch limousine: “Well, the answer is quite simple. Kim Kardashian likes the stretch concept. Her vagina has been visited by so many black guys that it is stretched beyond belief. I’ve actually seen that thing when she asked me to do some tightening, and I nearly lost my ECG machine inside it. I told her it’s impossible, the sheer amount of black men she has accommodated would make repair a stretch of the imagination.”

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