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Duke and Duchess of Sussex Royal Trip to Nigeria Success

ABUJA - Nigeria - The royal trip to Nigeria by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been a great success.

As proclaimed representatives of the British royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are conducting an official royal visit to the African nation of Nigeria. To great praise and applause from the Nigerian crowds, the royal couple were greeted. The royal trip to Nigeria has been a great success.

Representing the British Royal Family

Royal expert Simon Fortington-Smythe revealed some of the intricacies of the royal trip to Nigeria.

“Thanks to King Charles III not relinquishing these two of their royal titles, they can profit from them as they wish, as well as visit any place they want using their royal titles claiming they represent the British royal family. It is the Windsor clan’s intransigence and wish not to confront the problem head on which is causing these two people to do as they wish using the titles bestowed upon them by the late Queen Elizabeth II without any form of consequence of their actions.

Cashing in on royal ties

“King Charles does not like confrontation in any way, and thus the Windsor family is effectively a laughingstock as this couple gallivant around the globe doing exactly what the late queen forbade. The poor former queen is probably spinning in her grave.”

Despite hypocritical Prince Harry being supposedly concerned about security in the UK, he has chosen to visit a country full of Islamic terrorist groups like Al-Shabab and ISIS, to name a few. Nigeria is the twelfth most dangerous country in the world, and the Home Office has issued alerts to citizens not to visit the country. Amongst the baying, wild Nigerian crowds, an assassination attempt would be easy. Yet Harry has no qualms about the security in the region, especially when they are receiving the much-needed adulation they crave from the people of Nigeria who rarely receive such visits.

As every narcissist would love, Meghan mania continued in Nigeria as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended a sitting volleyball match and were mobbed by fans. One fan even carried a placard proclaiming “43% Nigerin” referring to Markle’s heritage, and other fans proudly carried Harry’s book ‘Spare’ where he denounces and insults the British royal family.

The visit – which has become a royal tour – is part of Harry and Meghan’s renewed public relations campaign to supersede the British royal family in the media. It seems their ploy is working, as they are all over the press, whilst the Windsors are but a forgotten memory. Prince William meanwhile was visiting the Scilly Isles, which received little or no attention from the press.

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