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What’s Mad Max Without Mad Max?

SYDNEY - Australia - It's no wonder that the latest woke Mad Max films are complete financial flops, failing to recoup their production costs.

Well, in no uncertain terms, it’s a fucking flop. There were only three Mad Max films made, and they all starred Mel Gibson. Without either Mel Gibson, or someone similar to his stature and screen presence and starring role, there is no Mad Max. This is unfortunately lost to the fucking idiots who squandered hundreds of millions of dollars to make a loss of over $300 million. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, including the marketing budget, needed to gross $450 million to turn a profit but has ended up losing $325 million for the studio and its co-funders. After release, Furiosa was immediately in trouble following its $26.3 million three-day domestic opening. To date, it has only earned $52.5 million in the US.

Australian taxpayers forked out

Screen NSW, a government agency supporting New South Wales’ role as a film production site, likely at minimum contributed 50 million Australian dollars ($33.2 million) toward the film’s AU$333.2 million budget. The film, directed by Australian George Miller, also likely received AU$133 million from the federal government’s producer offset program, which rebates 40% of qualifying expenditures.

A sad detriment to the current film industry, which has been wokified to death, churning out turd after turd that no one wants to watch.

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