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Meghan Markle Narrates Elephant Movie For Disney

LOS ANGELES - USA - According to reports from America, Meghan Markle has narrated an elephant film for Hollywood company Disney.

Disney Could Replace Meghan Markle With Plank of Wood

LOS ANGELES - USA - Disney film executives may replace Meghan Markle and her acting skills with a plank of wood.

George Clooney Saddened He Got Caught Out for Peddling Child Labour

BERKSHIRE - England - Hollywood actor, George Clooney has been caught profiting off the backs of children forced to work in coffee fields for little or no pay.

Harvey Weinstein – Meet Bubba Your Cell Mate

NEW YORK - USA - Harvey Weinstein, the former top Hollywood producer is going to prison for a long time after being convicted in court for rape.

CIA Using New CGI Cats Film to Torture Terrorists

LANGLEY - USA - The CIA is using the new Cats film as a tool to extract information from terrorists and spies, the agency has revealed.

Harry and Meghan to Trademark Their Children

WINDSOR - England - With the Sussex brand going from strength to strength, it comes as no surprise that Harry and Meghan will even trademark their own children to make profit from their brand.

Harry and Meghan Christmas Card Causes Stir

ONTARIO - Canada - Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have wished their Instagram followers a ‘very Merry Christmas’ from Canada by releasing an e-card which has caused a stir amongst some fans.

Palace Officials: “Meghan Going Crazy Whilst Out of Limelight”

WINDSOR - England - Palace rumours are filtering through that six weeks away from media attention is taking its toll on Meghan Markle.

Harry and Meghan Visit to RAF Base Brings Cheer

LINCOLNSHIRE - England - An impromptu visit by Harry and Meghan at an RAF base was greeted with delight and cheer by all.

Elton John Pays £7.50 Carbon Offset For Meghan Harry Jets

WINDSOR - England - It's okay that Harry and Meghan took six private jet journeys in a two-week period because Elton John paid a few pounds for the carbon offset.

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