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Alternative Script For Tarantino Last Film May Never Materialise

LONDON - England - A secret script immaculately tailor-made for Quentin Tarantino may never be made into his last film.

A film script that could have been the crowning glory of film-maker Quentin Tarantino’s last ever film will probably never see the light of the cinema screen. The writer of the original script has revealed that the sci-fi film idea “would have delighted Tarantino”.

Speaking to us outside the WME agency offices near London’s Oxford Street, the elusive writer of the script revealed some details about the proposed film.

“Tarantino has delved into pretty much every film genre, but he has not touched science fiction, which with his immaculate approach and talent would be the crowning glory to his career. This is what I have here, it is the most amazing fucking script I have written, but sadly Tarantino will never get to read it, adjust it, play with it, and film it.

“How the fuck do you make your final film to top off the masterpieces you made previously? That’s the 200 million dollar question that no one dares to bring up.”

So why will this so-called ‘amazing’ script never get to Tarantino?

“I’ll tell you fucking why. I’m a nobody. I just got thrown out of the WME offices head fuckin’ first. No one wants to speak to me, and Quentin’s agent is completely inaccessible. When everything, every damn door is closed off to new talent, and new creative ideas, no wonder Hollywood is in such trouble and drowning in morose crap. You see this script, it’s going in the fuckin’ shredder!”

The frustrated writer then walked down the road, forever gone.

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  1. You do make a good point. Why has Tarantino never done a scifi movie? He could redefine the entire genre. Epic!!!!!!

  2. Hey screw tarantino he disappeared up his own @ssh0le years ago. He’s now part of the Hollyweird establishment plus the dude lost that spark he used to have in the beginning. This writer should shop it for himsef.


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