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EU Stasi Police Shut Down Farage Political Conference in Brussels

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The anti-democratic Soviet EU sent in Stasi police troops to halt a conservative conference led by Nigel Farage.


If you ever wanted an example of why there is a serious deficit of democracy in the EU, yesterday a conservative political conference led by Brexiteer Nigel Farage was shut down by anti-democratic EU officials who ordered Woke Soviet-style EU Stasi Police to thwart the conference.

Other political views are not tolerated

Ever closer Soviet Union in the EU is a closely guarded communist concept which is treasured by the unelected members of the EU Commission and democratic conservative conferences set in the heart of the EU led by British Brexiteer Nigel Farage are seen as a serious threat to the federalists and communists who make up the core of the European Union. This is why the EU Stasi Police were sent to halt the conference.

Coutts Stasi EU Cunts
Coutts Stasi EU Ordnungspolizei

“Ve vil not tolerate politicians who have other views that are contrary to our Marxist communist ideology in ze EU. Ve do not tolerate other political ideologies like democracy or conservatism or freedom of speech,” an unelected EU Commission member told the EU parliament on Tuesday.

Closer federal soviet EU union

To create a complete Soviet communist state, further integration of nation states is currently underway. All nations within the EU are to be eviscerated of all national identity and control. The goal is to have a singular area under the EU Soviet flag, where former individual nations have completely given up their sovereignty and governmental control to the EU Commission, much like the former Russian Soviet Union.

Nigel Farage is obviously seen as a major threat to the EU because he might make other countries who are already imprisoned in the EU possibly think of leaving and gaining their freedom from the communists. Obviously this would not be a good thing for the controlling Marxists who detest any form of democracy who are actively trying to build a totalitarian communist regime in the heart of Europe led by unscrupulous unelected elite members of the EU Politburo (EU Commission).

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  1. Interestingly, but not overly surprising, most of the left-leaning MSM in the UK, but also France, Germany and Belgium do not see what all the fuss is about.

    As far as they’re concerned this conference is for far-right agitators set to bring the downfall of hard-earned democracies and freedoms in the West. The lack of self-awareness was not discussed of course.


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