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5 A Day: EU Vegetables and Fruit Full of Cancer Causing...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU is knowingly exporting toxic cancer causing pesticide ridden fruit and vegetables for massive profits.

Macron: You Vote For What You Deserve

ZONE 2 - EU - As the French people prepare to vote for Emmanuel Macron once again, the final punishment upon the people will be sealed.

Ouch! EU Now Has to Pay For Gas With Russian Rubles

BRUSSELS - EU - As the Russian currency sails high once again, Putin is making the EU pay for its gas in rubles.

What Brexit? Britain Will Pay Billions to EU Until 2064

LONDON - England - If Britain is still shackled to the EU, the ECJ and has to pay billions until 2064, has it left the EU?

The EU Claims It Created Peace in Europe But Reality Sees...

BRUSSELS - EU - The EU has always claimed its construction created peace in Europe, however imminent war with Russia proves the contrary.

Post Brexit Punishment: Vindictive Nasty True Nature of EU Exposed

BRUSSELS - EU - Post-Brexit, the EU has shown how it is a vindictive nasty collectivist Soviet bloc intent on punishment.

Millions Plan to Flee to Europe From Afghanistan and Marburg Virus...

MARBURG - Germany - Due to events in Afghanistan and Guinea, the EU is set to receive millions of refugees soon.

Brexit Punishment No. 35476: Stasi EU Censors Want to Erase All...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Petty EU censor officials want all UK streaming broadcasts to be erased from Europe as a form of Brexit punishment.

Government Needs to Concentrate on Purging Left-Wing Woke Marxists From Education...

OXFORD - England - Marxist wokism and the EU-centric curriculum must be changed in all educational institutions or Britain will suffer.

Eurovision Song Contest : Badly Dressed Parade of Tone Deaf Dickheads

The EU - The Eurovision Song Contest has nothing to do with any form of music or creativity.

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