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Hitler’s Favourite Birthday Tune Sung at D-Day Ceremony

NORMANDY - France - The Nazis would have been delighted that Hitler's favourite birthday tune was sung at the D-Day ceremony.

Hitler’s favourite birthday tune was played at the 80th D-Day Ceremony celebrating the European Union. The fourth and final movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is one of the most triumphant and hopeful moments in classical music.

However, its central tune, the ‘Ode to Joy,’ has a surprisingly dark past, from a diabolical performance at Hitler’s birthday celebrations in 1942 to its use as an anthem in politically and racially repressive Fascist regimes. It was also used in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange as an incredibly disturbing counterpoint to ultraviolent scenes in the film.

The Thousand-Year Reich Never Died

With the EU flag flying proudly to the tune, entire choir’s of EU men and children robotically sang the ‘Ode to Joy’ in German and French as the US, Canadian and British veterans were forced to listen to the tune. Some veterans could be seen noticeably cringing in disbelief that Hitler and the Nazis had seemingly infiltrated what was meant to be a commemoration of their triumph over Nazism.

Hitler indeed would have been very proud of the EU, because it is a German-led construct which has stripped many countries in Europe of their sovereignty and subjugated these slave nations to the primary German nation, with France closely behind in second place. Without a single shot being fired, Germany as the largest economy in Europe conquered Europe economically and with a supposed egalitarian Fascist pseudo Marxist political construct. It is this politically collectivist nature that incorporated many ideological points from supposedly opposing political ideologies, mixing them in one pot that created the European Union. The fasci rods are firmly together in the EU, as much as they were in Nazi Germany.

What Adolf Hitler sought to do through brute military force, post-war Germany achieved through economic might and political indoctrination. When the Berlin Wall fell, the East German Stasi and infrastructure was amalgamated into the EU structure, thus increasing its Marxist credentials all the while preserving its fascist elements. One could even postulate that the EU is Nazi Germany backwards, where first there is a supposed union of nations created peacefully and then a war afterwards. The war in Ukraine is testament to this fact, because it was initially created by the EU’s empire building efforts, impinging close to the Russian border. The Russians reacted adversely to this imperial action right up their backside by annexing the Crimea. No empire survives without constant expansion, and the EU is no exception. The only problem here is that the EU’s expansionist dealings have brought the globe to the verge of a hot World War III and even stoked the Russian Empire’s expansionist dreams through Vladimir Putin who is now mirroring the same fascism of the Nazis and EU.

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