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The EU is Nazi Germany Backwards Say Historians

BERLIN - Germany - What the EU has managed to do without violence is take over many countries without war, which is the exact reverse of the strategy of Nazi Germany during WW2.

The EU is doing things backwards, as they still hold the same strategy as Nazi Germany but are merely operating in a covert reverse fashion.

The violence and war will come towards the end of the EU’s life. Many nations which have been supposedly amalgamated into the EU entity have factions within their populations that may revolt in the future.

There is only so far the elastic band can be pulled before it snaps back, and the EU’s policy of disenfranchising millions of people within its prison borders will come back to haunt the unelected technocrats at the top of the pyramid.

One thing the EU has been very careful to hide is their plan to create an EU military force, which they will implement soon. Currently, most EU states reside under the auspices of NATO, however in the future there will be movement away from this, or a limited presence within NATO’s banner.

A dedicated EU military force will emerge to seal countries into the sovietized fascist system of control and power. Eventually, all previous nation states will be completely stripped of their sovereignty and will merely be known as sectors within the EU state. Nationalism to previous national entities will be made illegal and punished severely.

The EU claims to be a proponent of racial equality, whereas Nazi Germany was staunchly for racial purity. You may think there is some difference there however the Aryan superiority of the higher echelons and majority of the EU populations still stand today. The EU in the future will cleanse their remaining populations of undesirables and those not deemed worthy.

How does this tie in historically with Nazi Germany and France? The Russian problem has always irked Europe, Napoleon and Hitler attempted to conquer the Russian bear but failed miserably ultimately resulting in their demise. The EU has plans to infiltrate Russia, first economically then militarily. Already, we are seeing these plans coming into effect with economic sanctions and the engineered reduction of the global petroleum prices.

If you want to understand the strategy of the EU read a history book of Nazi Germany’s strategy from the last page.

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