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The West Could Have Stopped Illegal Migrant Invasion But Did Not

DOVER - England - Western nations could have stopped the illegal migrant invasion decades ago if they really wanted.

For decades, the mass unfettered illegal migrant invasion has been ongoing into Western nations, particularly Europe and the USA. We should call it for what it is, a mass movement of foreign people into Western nations at a pace never witnessed before, akin to an invasion by a foreign army or power. The solid truth is, if the governments of these invaded nations wanted to stop an invasion they would have, but they did not. Why did they not stop the invasion of illegal migrants by the millions entering their open borders? The answer to that question is simple, the Western leaders signed up to an agenda of global integration which would involve the wholesale destruction of indigenous predominantly white populations and culture. What used to be an exclusive West populated mainly by whites had to be destroyed for a truly globalist New World Order. Within the single state of the global NWO there can be no delineation between sovereign states, nations or races. The plan of the NWO is essentially one single entity or state for global government and Western supremacy in culture, history and race was holding the globalist government back. This is why over decades, respective governments in the West have basically opened their borders whilst feigning immigration control. Some, under Obama and Biden, did not even pretend to control the USA border but opened the doors wide open in plain sight. Opening borders wide serves many purposes, for example for governments sympathetic to the globalist agenda, the new illegal migrant arrivals are fast tracked into the population and are now wholesale voters to support that agenda. With each flock of foreigners into a Western country, the primarily left-wing government in charge knows that they just gained millions of voters that the right-wing parties do not have, thus maintaining their hold on power within the so-called democratic system by constantly winning the elections. The primary reason for the influx en masse is the wholesale destruction of the culture and nation from the inside, to make the indigenous population obsolete and to speed up the process of globalisation. Once illegal migrants are domiciled they can bring over their large families and many who come from Third World countries breed at a greater rate than the indigenous white populations in the West. Many Western nations as they stand today are wholly unrecognisable to their previous forms many decades ago, and the destruction of their culture and race is working very well for the global kingpins who envisioned this tactic. Klaus Schwab of the WEF (World Economic Forum) may hate blacks and is currently being investigated for sexual harassment, but his overall agenda pushed onto the West was one of woke inclusivity and open borders. The globalist elite do not have to live amongst illegal migrant peasants from some of the poorest countries in the world, no! They just want you to live amongst them because not only are illegal migrants pawns in a much bigger game, but so are you, in the larger scheme of things. The globalist elite hate you equally as much they hate the illegal migrants, but these elements are mere variables within the global plan. Some countries within the NATO alliance like Japan seem to have circumnavigated mass illegal migration, but they are an exception simply because their society and culture is so tight and solid, it is almost impenetrable. They were given a special get out card by the globalist controllers that other, more pliant nations within the alliance did not receive. Eventually, all national borders and cultural differences will be erased when the NWO comes into overt rule. The EU is a model for this level of integration. The next stage in the process, which is currently underway, is the destruction of organised religions, including Christianity and Islam, and Judaism. The amalgamation of pariah nations like Russia, Iran, N. Korea, China and the Middle Eastern nations. If wholesale war is needed to accomplish this, the elite controllers will have no qualms in bringing forth a massive war, which will also solve some of the overpopulation problems that blight the globe. With finite resources being used up daily by countries like the USA, China and India, it is inevitable that at some point global war, not necessarily nuclear, will prevail and purge much of the population anyway. Governance of a depleted global population will also be easier for the elites, once they exit their bunkers. The essential point being made here is that individual nations and culture will be stamped out, everything will be streamlined as one solid state under the NWO, and to achieve this, the borders of Western nations had to be opened. We are now well into the next stage, which is the beginnings of an all encompassing global conflict that may last decades.

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  1. For 80 years the people payed heavy taxes to finance our militaries so, if the time came, they would protect their people, families and children. As we know by now, they didn’t . . . The only time in 80 years we needed them, they weren’t there. Let that sink in for a while . . .

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