Desperate Refugees Used as Pawns in Nasty Geopolitical Chess Game

EU BORDER - Poland - Desperate refugees are being used as pawns to destabilise the West by Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, who is himself a pawn of Putin, is utilising desperate refugees as pawns against EU nations like Poland, to destabilise the region.

One can’t think of anything more despicable than to use the sheer desperation and heartache of thousands of refugees for your own gain, as Lukashenko is doing right now.

Middle Eastern and African migrants have been flown into Belarus by Lukashenko, who is using them as human pawns in his dirty game with the West, after many countries imposed sanctions following a violent political crackdown by the dictator.

History has seen many of the same hybrid tactics in the past, however in 2021, is it really necessary, have humans not become more enlightened in their actions? It seems not, as there are parts of the globe still stuck in the same old cycle of violence and depravation, as witnessed by Lukashenko’s horribly cynical and cowardly actions.