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Putin Appeaser Marjorie Taylor Greene to Move to Russia

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Putin appeaser Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to move to Russia and support the defeat of the West.

If this were 1939, Marjorie Taylor Greene would be appeasing Hitler’s invasion of Poland. It is the year 2024 and Marjorie Taylor Greene is appeasing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. There is no difference to the two incidents, but for some reason Greene cannot see that.

The US House of Representatives has approved sending $60.8bn (£49bn) in foreign aid to Ukraine, and Marj is very fucking angry.

“I have no understanding of geopolitics or war”

“Why the hell are we sending money to Ukraine to stop the tyrant Vladimir Putin conquering Ukraine and then continuing to sweep through Europe? I am completely blind and ignorant to this. That’s it! I’m going to go and live in Russia just to make a point and sulk!”

Just because the Russians are generally white Christian Orthodox, it does not mean that the West should not try to stop them invading and laying waste to other white Christian Orthodox countries and endangering the entire continent of Europe. But, we are dealing with deranged Republican Christian Evangelists who actually believe in literal interpretations of the bible.

russian soviet apartments
Millions of Russians still live in run-down decrepit Soviet apartments.

“I have bought a flat in some beat-up former soviet block of flats, bang in the middle of Moscow. I may even join the Russian army, so I can go and fight against Ukraine and the West. If the Russian people were brown, and believed in another religion, then it would be a different story. Yes, I am a fucking racist deranged nut job, but I am a Christian and that’s what counts!” Greene shouted loudly on Capitol Hill.

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