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EXPERTS: Putin Has Micropenis Syndrome

MOSCOW - Russia - Why is Vladimir Putin aggressive and angry all the time? According to experts, he has micropenis syndrome.

Ukrainian Army Braces Itself For the Russian Blob

MOSCOW - Russia - Fat Russian Blob, General Pavel is being sent to Ukraine as a last resort by Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin: Peter the Great or Catherine the Great?

MOSCOW - Russia - Recently Vladimir Putin likened himself to Peter the Great, but should he be Catherine the Great instead?

Defiant Putin Will Soon Declare War

MOSCOW - Russia - Cancerous Putin has got nothing to lose now. Accordingly, he may declare war soon and bring in compulsory conscription.

Russia is at War With Russia Not Just Ukraine

MOSCOW - Russia - Every bomb that falls on Ukraine kills a bit of Russia. The Russians are inflicting heavy wounds upon themselves with their actions.

Putin Spokeswoman in Secret Dominatrix Prostitution Kremlin Scandal

MOSCOW - Russia - Putin's outspoken spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova has been implicated in multiple incidents of prostitution in the Kremlin.

Putin Honours Troops in Bucha Massacre of Unarmed Ukrainian Civilians

MOSCOW - Russia - President Vladimir Putin has praised the troops and commander who committed unspeakable genocidal atrocities on unarmed civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

PRNEWS.IO Took an Initiative to Support the Ukrainian Media

KYIV - Ukraine - Every facet of the country is under attack from Russia, including the media. PRNEWS.IO has thus taken the initiative to support Ukrainian publishers.

Putin’s Plan is Not to Stop Once Ukraine Conquered

MARIUPOL - Ukraine - In WW2, Hitler did not stop as he moved forward, and neither will Putin. After Ukraine is conquered, Putin's hunger for conquest will not be sated. The Russian Gulags will be overflowing.

Putin’s Nuremberg Rally Replete With Z Swastika Waving Crowds

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin's rally to celebrate the invasion of Crimea resembles Hitler's Nuremberg rally in many ways.

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