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Newly Unveiled Russian Army ZZ Insignia Resembles Waffen SS

NIZHNY NOVGOROD - Russia - President Vladimir Putin today unveiled the latest Russian army insignia, which will be integrated into all uniforms by August.

Mad Vlad and the Hunger For More Territory

MOSCOW - Russia - Mad Vlad will not stop in the Donbas but has now tasted blood, and he wants more.

EXPERTS: Putin Has Micropenis Syndrome

MOSCOW - Russia - Why is Vladimir Putin aggressive and angry all the time? According to experts, he has micropenis syndrome.

Ukrainian Army Braces Itself For the Russian Blob

MOSCOW - Russia - Fat Russian Blob, General Pavel is being sent to Ukraine as a last resort by Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin: Peter the Great or Catherine the Great?

MOSCOW - Russia - Recently Vladimir Putin likened himself to Peter the Great, but should he be Catherine the Great instead?

Defiant Putin Will Soon Declare War

MOSCOW - Russia - Cancerous Putin has got nothing to lose now. Accordingly, he may declare war soon and bring in compulsory conscription.

Russia is at War With Russia Not Just Ukraine

MOSCOW - Russia - Every bomb that falls on Ukraine kills a bit of Russia. The Russians are inflicting heavy wounds upon themselves with their actions.

Putin Spokeswoman in Secret Dominatrix Prostitution Kremlin Scandal

MOSCOW - Russia - Putin's outspoken spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova has been implicated in multiple incidents of prostitution in the Kremlin.

Putin Honours Troops in Bucha Massacre of Unarmed Ukrainian Civilians

MOSCOW - Russia - President Vladimir Putin has praised the troops and commander who committed unspeakable genocidal atrocities on unarmed civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

PRNEWS.IO Took an Initiative to Support the Ukrainian Media

KYIV - Ukraine - Every facet of the country is under attack from Russia, including the media. PRNEWS.IO has thus taken the initiative to support Ukrainian publishers.

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