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How Russia Went From Communism to Fascism

MOSCOW - Russia - The intolerant and totalitarian Russian regime exhibits the key characteristics of fascism.

Fascism needs symbols; the Nazis had the swastika, and the Russians under Putin have the Z. The similarities with the Nazis and the current Russian military establishment is uncanny, and rather ironic that Putin claims other nations are following the ideology of fascism when his country is the one upholding the ultimate mantle of Nazism.

You become what you hate the most, and this has happened to the Russians, who dare not look at what they have become. Deluded Russians are living in a lie as they eat up Putin’s totalitarian propaganda pumped into Russian homes 24/7. The Kremlin’s Goebbels propaganda machinery is an intricate network that indoctrinates the nationalistic jingoism that seems to be the overall makeup of every day Russians living their bleak vodka lives.

What would the Soviets of the past think of such a betrayal of values and political doctrine? The great Soviet generals who fought off the German army and Luftwaffe and the millions of soldiers and civilians who died at the hands of the German Nazi behemoth sent to Russia by the Führer Adolf Hitler must be spinning in their graves.

“We are now the Nazis. This is what the Z means, it is the Z in Nazi. Ukraine is our Stalingrad. The German army was abandoned, their supplies cut off, neglected by a deluded Hitler who sent men forward without the right equipment, clothing or resources to freeze to death in the Russian winter. This time, it is the Russians sent forward with junk status hardware, tanks that are barbecues for their crew, and conscripts with rusty weapons that do not shoot.

The fields and trenches of Ukraine are a meat grinder daily chewing up Russian conscripts and regulars. Such is the hunger for fresh meat that Putin obliges with ridiculous press ganging efforts. The newest order from the dictator is that all civilians up to the age of 70 will be conscripted, to be sent to the Ukraine to die a certain horrid death in the name of Russki fascism.

There is madness in extreme power, as much as there was with Hitler, we now see Putin who answers to no one. At least in Soviet times things were held in check by the Politburo, but today there is no such check on unbridled unlimited levels of power to the supreme dictator running Russia. With unfettered power, there are only ‘yes men’ and this creates delusion, with no barriers or grounding for the totalitarian Putin.

If Putin is not stopped, and Russia stripped of its ability to be the aggressor, there will be escalation  — Estonia, Moldova, Poland, Finland and the rest of Europe. There is a fine line between madness and genius, and Putin exemplifies this dictum with a ferocity that could easily lead to a full-on nuclear war if he is not stopped soon.

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  1. I think the Russians have never changed they have always been miserable violent rude assh0les

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