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Putin’s Nuremberg Rally Replete With Z Swastika Waving Crowds

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin's rally to celebrate the invasion of Crimea resembles Hitler's Nuremberg rally in many ways.

Adolf Hitler’s Soiled Underpants Sold For $6,737 at US Auction

MARYLAND - USA - The 'skidmarked' underpants of fearsome Führer, Adolf Hitler have sold for $6,737 (£5,000) at an auction.

David Cameron Utilising Same Propaganda Techniques Hitler Used Against Britain in...

LONDON - England - David Cameron's StrongerIn campaign propaganda is using the same techniques that Hitler used on the British people in WW2.

Even Hitler Spared Paris But Not ISIS

PARIS - France - Hitler spared Paris in 1940, but ISIS would not have such mercy. The iconic masterpieces of past eras still standing today would be demolished one by one.

Historians: Was Hitler Right About the Future?

VOLKSHALLE - Valhalla - According to a group of historians, Hitler saw the future, he knew what would happen, and he tried to stop the terrible vision he saw from materialising, but failed miserably.

Man Who Performs Uncontrollable Hitler Salutes Banned From City Centre

LLANDUDNO - Wales - Barry, 49, who performs Hitler salutes constantly has an affliction that dozens of doctors have not been able to cure.

Hitler Would Have Been Proud of the EU

BERLIN - Germany - Adolf Hitler would have been proud of the EU's achievements if he were alive today, prominent historians from the Institute of History have revealed.

Newly Released Top Secret Files Reveal Adolf Hitler Was a Ginger

BERLIN - Germany - Adolf Hitler was a secret ginger, according to top secret files released by the World War 2 Archive Association today.

Hitler’s Moustache Was Preserved Before His Death

BERLIN - Germany - Archaeologists have uncovered new evidence that may change history regarding the dead Fascist leader, Adolf Hitler.

New Book Uncovers Startling Evidence that Adolf Hitler was a Practising...

MUNICH - Germany - Adolf Hitler took time out from running Nazi Germany to be a hippy and take psychedelic drugs, a new book claims.

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