Hitler Would Have Been Proud of the EU

BERLIN - Germany - Adolf Hitler would have been proud of the EU's achievements if he were alive today, prominent historians from the Institute of History have revealed.

“What the EU has achieved without one single, piffling shot being fired purely through economic and technical means is something the Führer would have been supremely proud of. His vision of a Thousand Year Reich never died and was simply transferred from overt military technique, to covert economical and propagandist technical achievements. The people of the European Union are so brainwashed they agree to anything without question, this was Hitler’s dream. Of course there is no overt Aryan agenda with the EU, but those who control its machinations are Aryan and the interbred or non-aryan Untermenschen are still persecuted within the EU to this day. Hitler’s Tausendjähriges Reich lives on, and it will take Britain without a fight, not even a skirmish, or a bad word will be said, such is its enduring power and noblesse oblige,” Dr. Richard Tarrington, an academic at the institute wrote in a recent paper praising the EU.

The colour of snow is black

Another amazing part of the EU is its ability to assume an amorphic stance to pretty much all political systems and ideologies that have passed through history. The EU adapts these into its structure and assimilates them without so much as a sneeze or hiccup.

“The propaganda machine employed by the EU today is a million times more sophisticated than Hitler’s Reich could have ever dreamed up. This technical feat of all encompassing mind control is astounding, especially without the use of force. Hitler would have been so proud of the controllers of today, because for Hitler, the use of force was an unfortunate symptom of what he wanted to achieve. The EU has simply adapted Hitler’s Reich and transferred it into another form,” Dr. Tarrington added.

What Hitler could not achieve, the EU will achieve. Britain WILL be fully assimilated into the European mechanism or Britain will be severely punished economically and die. There is no choice.