Obama Dismantling Whitey’s Empire From the Inside

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Obama's tenure as President of the United States has been one giant big payback say leading scholars on race relations.

“Obama’s thinking is, here I have been put in charge of an Empire built off the backs off slave Negroes who toiled for four hundred years in the cotton fields and plantations across America. Now is my chance for payback, and that’s why America is literally on its knees right now, economically and in world standing. With the ruse of helping America, President Obama has destroyed it and I certainly think his work is not fully finished yet. He doesn’t just want to destroy America, he wants to take it to a place where it can never come back again,” Professor Julius Dean, a Rhodes Scholar and senior emeritus fellow of Stanford University told the Washington Times.

The Syrian incident was a small example of how low America has gone, and now the government shutdown is another kick in the face for a country so indebted to China, that as things are going, America will never be able to fulfill its obligations.

“Who’s going to pay for it?”

“Obama did not tighten fiscal spending after the 2008 dip, instead he went on another spending spree, and another, and another. We believe this was a calculated effort on his part to increase the debt black hole to previously unattainable impossible depths. The President is angry. He smiles but he has a lot of work to do. Spending money the U.S. does not have is hard work, because it is getting harder and harder to find the money as it disappears into one vanity project after another. Obamacare is simply that, it’s a vanity project. If Obama really cared, he would not put his name on it, we all know it’s an in-joke with him and some select individuals. Obamacare, is in fact the ‘Sacrifice of Care’. That may be a Bohemian Grove reference, but all the same, Obama has been ordered to dismantle the United States, and the ruse of ‘care’ was the perfect solution. What better way of destruction through pretending to do good? The people won’t know what will hit them when they have to pay for all of this. Generations and generations of Americans have thus been condemned to poverty purely because of one man’s anger to the White Empire.

“When Obama sleeps at night in the White House, he chuckles in his bed. Here is a man dismantling the nation from inside the House of Whitey and he gets to be called a president for the pleasure of it, now that in itself is a great kick for him, it is a thrill. The White House, the White House is just a rubble house now, it is worthless, it is not worth a plank of white painted wood anymore, it has been sacrificed just as the good old hard-working American people have been sacrificed at the altar of Obamacare. He called it that because he wanted to leave his mark, a piece of graffiti daubed on the wall of American history, and no doubt in the future, people will look back and see how the unbridled spender spent their money. It did not make life any better, it made life a lot worse. The destruction of America’s once great Empire will then be complete.”