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David Cameron Utilising Same Propaganda Techniques Hitler Used Against Britain in WW2

LONDON - England - David Cameron's StrongerIn campaign propaganda is using the same techniques that Hitler used on the British people in WW2.

Analysing the specific techniques that David Cameron is utilising in Britain today during the EU referendum campaign, it is almost an identical fit to the propaganda used against the British people and soldiers during World War II.

The Nazis would often use captured British servicemen to disseminate anti-British propaganda and it is the same with David Cameron, utilising two veterans to spout out anti-British propaganda today in various media publications.

One of the major technique’s of David Cameron’s anti-British propaganda campaign is that of mass leafleting with false information, the Nazis were very adept at this practice and would often drop disinformation and moral sapping  leaflets over British troop lines in WW2. The leaflet by the remain campaign in 2016 is a classic piece of propaganda that may fool the uninformed but the sheer amount of false information within it is truly outstanding. The funny thing is, it was on Cameron’s insistence that the British people were forced to pay £9 million for their own poison. No one had a choice in the matter, which may have tickled Cameron’s evil demeanour even further.

Both Soviet and Fascist systems employ the method of repetition, and the Remain camp is utilising this technique of constant repetition of false data to solidify its ultimate message. It does not matter to the controlling propagandist that they are spreading disinformation, because they know if you repeat it enough times to the public, it will be seen as true.

During World War II, Lord Haw Haw was an example of immense traitorous fervour, and so it is the same in 2016. This time, Lord Haw Haw, is David Cameron himself. He bristles with horror stories of impending doom upon Britain’s populace unless they follow the regime of the European Union, much like Lord Haw Haw used to on the old wireless in the 1940s urging Britons to join the German Reich. Cameron’s treachery is all the more vile, as he believes he is doing right in lying to the British people, he has no conscience about betraying Britain, in fact he detests Britain and its people with a vengeance he will do as he pleases to hurt this once proud nation and send it to oblivion within the German-led EU Reich.

Cameron’s chief propagandists are from the old school, we have Peter Mandelson, who is the Goebbels of the group, and we have Alistair Campbell as Himmler. Also on the remain team for propaganda is Tony Blair, and David Miliband, two seasoned propagandists and liars from the previous Labour government.

Herr Cameron’s Hitlerite propaganda techniques answer to the EU’s Volksgemeinschaft, a collectivist ideal that abhors Britain’s capitalist swagger.

What the propaganda preys on most is the uninformed voter, and this is why those who are fighting this almighty Goldman Sachs funded nightmare must try and inform the people who follow StrongerIn without question and are blinded by the disinfo being spewed by highly trained experts in propaganda.

You must question. Look up other sources. Do not take a single word coming from the remain camp as serious or factual. Above all, do your own research backed up by multiple sources.

Vote Leave on June 23 to take back control from the EU and save Britain.

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