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Inbred Insular Russians and Their Constant Mad Nuke Threats

MOSCOW - Russia - Centuries of inbreeding and insularity has created a Russian nuke time bomb that is threatening the entire globe.

How We Know Aliens Don’t Exist

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Why you need to take any pentagon UFO and aliens disclosure with a pinch of salt.

Soros and EU Funded ‘Scientists For EU’ Responsible For Organising Mass...

LONDON - England - Brexit and democracy in Britain is being attacked from many fronts including clandestine propaganda operatives working for the EU within the UK.

EU Kommandant Martin Selmayr Gloats Over England World Cup Loss

BERLIN - Germany - Martin Selmayr, a high ranking EU Kommandant, mocked England's exit from the World Cup with a Twitter post emphasising the EU's superiority last night.

Obama Marxist Propaganda to Infiltrate Netflix

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former president, Barack Obama is going to get a series of shows pushing his Marxist propaganda on Netflix.

He Who Controls the Young and Gullible Voters is King

GRIMSBY - England - Like lambs to the slaughter, they followed their shepherd without question as he doled out those sweet saccharin lies, false promises and delicious bribes.

David Cameron Utilising Same Propaganda Techniques Hitler Used Against Britain in...

LONDON - England - David Cameron's StrongerIn campaign propaganda is using the same techniques that Hitler used on the British people in WW2.

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