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Inbred Insular Russians and Their Constant Mad Nuke Threats

MOSCOW - Russia - Centuries of inbreeding and insularity has created a Russian nuke time bomb that is threatening the entire globe.

The inbreeding over centuries has created a robotic Russian population. Insular, inbred and brainwashed over 70 years of communism, the entire mechanism of the Russian populace is that of feeding off the lies constantly spewed from the permanently paranoid Russian government apparatus.

Post-soviet Russia was meant to be a new beginning, a positive move towards democracy and capitalism. Instead, the communist brutes at the top of the hierarchy simply took over everything, utilising it for their own personal financial gain. The Russian mafia are now in charge of government, and where soviet Russia was ruled in a supposedly ideological way, today’s deviant Russian mafia bosses rule over their people with extortion, fear and loathing whilst using the populace as their personal cash cow to live lives of extreme luxury.

Insularity is a Russian trait. They do not seem to consider that other people in the world may have different views to them, there is an arrogance that feeds their insular world. Insularity also creates fear, and this is what the Russian hierarchy depend on from their own population, who they constantly feed with morose morbid viewpoints about the outside world. The fear that feeds the hierarchy thus gives them purchase to carry out any atrocity they wish against the rest of the world.

Denazifying the Russian Nazis

The Russian governmental and oligarchal mafia structure is therefore rooted in fascistic evil, invariably exercised through the rolling motions of warmongering and expansionist action.

Fascistic propaganda and lies are of course a tool utilised by the likes of scum like Dmitry Kiselyov, a vile fat maggot who peddles in the most obscene vices known to man in his free time. Margarita Simonyan, another piece of shit, likes to jerk off the nuclear sensibilities of the Russians and take on twenty Kremlin operatives at a time with only her overused potty mouth. Then we have another criminal Aleksey Zhuravlyov, chairman of the Russian nationalist Rodina party, who has such a large gaping arsehole, he likes no better than to stuff it with Sarmat nuclear heads. This coterie of vile putrid effluence is fed to the Russian masses day in day out, and naturally if you repeat lies enough times, those lies are all you know as truth, especially if all other sources of information are blocked by the state.

“Our role is to create a climate of fear and hatred towards the rest of the world. We want Russians to believe the lies as truth. We want young men to join the military forces and the rest of the population to cheer them on, even if everything they are fighting for is built on lies,” Vladimir Solovyov, revealed on controlled Russian state television.

Churchill knew of the threat that Russia would present to the globe in the future, and even suggested the West nuke it into oblivion in 1951. If only the high command had heeded his warnings, as the entire globe would not be on the precipice of complete annihilation today. Instead, the West has allowed the twin threats of Russia and China to rise way above their station to threaten all life on earth.

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