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Mass Debate in House of Commons Sort of Goes All Wrong

LONDON - England - Having a mass debate in the House of Commons during a session can have adverse effects on your career as an MP.

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Emptying your chamber in the chamber is somehow gratifying but very dangerous it seems. An errant mass debate in the House of Commons went very wrong for a Tory minister, much to the delight of the salivating leftists of the opposition parties.

Tiverton and Honiton MP Neil Parish, was caught in the act during a session in the House of Commons it has now been reported. Sifting through some lascivious material on his phone, the poor chap has now been put up for crucifixion not only by the opposition but his own party.

“They have withdrawn the whip from me,” Parish moaned, as he flicked through another porn site displaying naked women with whips in their hands.

His Tory wife, is of course standing by her man, as all good Tory wives do.

The sheer outrage felt by the leftists in parliament cannot be gauged though, they are calling for blood as they stomp around parliament demanding this ‘lowly’ man is castrated for daring to glance at a few sexy pictures during some boring debate on feminism or toxic-masculinity or some such nonsense.

Fuck you! Men should be allowed to watch what they want, when they want, and that should mean that the House of Commons is not out of bounds of sexual thought.

If you have the likes of Angela Rayner uncrossing her stockinged legs every few seconds whilst curling her tongue around seductively and licking her lips, it is certain there will be some movement in the trouser department in the government benches.

It’s simply called human nature. Basic instincts. Something the leftist robotic feminazi puritans baying for Parish’s bollocks on a plate have probably never encountered.

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