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Kick in the Nads: Reform Party Moves Ahead of Tories in Polls

LONDON - England - The Reform Party is now the second-largest political party in the UK as the Reform Party moves ahead of Tories.

How’s that for a solid kick in the nads, a good punt in the gangoolies for the Tories, this time from the up-and-coming Reform Party. The Reform Party moves ahead of Tories and is now the second-largest political party in the UK.

Crossover moment – Reform Party moves ahead of Tories

Nigel Farage’s Reform party won a poll over the Conservatives for the first time. This is important because it hurts Rishi Sunak’s chances of winning the election.

This is an absolutely monumental fucking moment in the election, as Reform is now effectively the second-largest party in the UK. The flailing Tories who severely squandered their electoral mandate have shot themselves in the foot by adopting hard-left policies and increasing the tax burden in the UK to the worst it has been in 70 years.

The YouGov survey found that support for Reform had increased by two points to 19 percent, while the Tories were unchanged on 18 percent.

Second-largest party in UK

It is the first time any poll has shown Reform ahead of the Tories, a so-called crossover moment. It will particularly concern Tory strategists as it was carried out after the party released its manifesto on Tuesday.

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