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Politics of Envy: No Point in Working in Labour’s Britain

MANCHESTER - England - There will be no point in working in Labour's Britain, where the politics of envy will rule.

It’s bad enough as it is in Britain under the current high tax socialist Tory regime, but things will be a lot worse under Labour. In fact, so worse that working for a living will be a thing of the past for many. What’s the point in working when nearly every penny you make is lifted by the government from your bank account as soon as you make it? Labour is a party of envy, and wants to kill off any modicum of aspiration you may have. Under Labour, you have no future, you will have no reason to work, you will have no reason to fucking live and even after you fucking die the vile vultures will strip the wealth you built up in your life leaving nothing but a stripped barren carcass.

Labour is essentially a communist regime with heavy-duty Marxist plans for Britain, and the taxes it will spew will be incomprehensible for many living through the shit they’re living in already. Think it’s hard staying afloat now, well you’re truly going fucking under after the cunts in Labour get into power.

Marxism and communism has hijacked the Green Movement, and the eco movement. Net Zero will impoverish millions of people. Collectivism essentially means poverty for all, especially when those who have worked hard all their lives will have their assets and riches annihilated and collectively distributed to those who have never worked in their lives.

The only people who ever vote for Labour are communists, and those who have got nothing to lose. If you have nothing, there is no fear in voting for some construct that will strip those who have worked for something and deliver their wealth to you on a silver fucking platter. The politics of envy at work once again.

Of course, there is another variable in play to Labour voters, and that is masochism, a profound British tradition of voting in the largest punishment possible so that your life can be as shitty and unliveable as before, or even fucking worse. Brits love their electoral punishment, every election season they adore the whips coming out whipping them into voting for the same fucking losers as before who will inflict horrid punishments on them for another fourteen fucking years or however much time it takes. Absolutely delighted they are. Look at Labour’s Sadiq Khan, for example, a pestilent rodent who has been voted in as London Mayor three fucking times. The daily murders, the knifing, the burglaries, mobile phone snatchers, gangs everywhere, unfettered immigration, insane diktats, ULEZ, are only some of the abominations this evil slug has infested the capital city with.

Labour is the epitome of the politics of envy. If you have something — they want it. No ifs or buts, they will take it from you, and then they will fritter your hard-earned wares on some tin-pot fuckery idea that may enrich one or two high-ranking Marxist Labour Party crooks at the top of the communist hierarchy but impoverish everyone else.

There will be no point in working or doing business in Britain after Labour wins. Do yourself a favour and sell up now before it’s too late. Already there has been a huge exodus of the wealthy from Britain, but it’s going to get a lot worse with the Marxist thieves of Labour.

If you vote for a political party like Labour then you are yourself a worthless glutton for punishment, but that’s exactly what you want to hear isn’t it, you love it.


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