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Local Elections: Shot Across the Bows For Tories

LONDON - England - The counting for the local elections is over and the results are in.

High Tax Tories to Get Whacked On Thursday Elections

LONDON - England - The high tax Tories are set to be decimated at the local elections tomorrow. Will they learn their lesson?

Macron: You Vote For What You Deserve

ZONE 2 - EU - As the French people prepare to vote for Emmanuel Macron once again, the final punishment upon the people will be sealed.

High Tax Tories Compound Inflation Pain

LONDON - England - Massive levels of inflation are only a symptom of the high tax Tories.

Èric Zemmour: Breath of Conservative French Air From Macron’s Progressive EU...

PARIS - France - Èric Zemmour is a breath of fresh air against the progressive destruction of the French nation over decades of sovietized socialism.

Why Labour Must Never Be Voted into Power Again

LONDON - England - With the fuel crisis, amongst other nightmarish disasters, the Tories are floundering, and Labour seems to be gaining traction.

Labour Bolsheviks Running Scared After Heavy Losses in By-election

HARTLEPOOL - England - The Conservatives once again delved deep into Labour's heartland to win many council seats.

Bad Egg Veruca Swinson Finally Flushed Down the Garbage Shoot

LONDON - England - Where is Veruca Swinson after her fateful meting of justice at the General Election?

Praising The Beautiful People of Blyth Valley, Northumberland

BLYTH VALLEY - England - The general election has seen some real surprises, like the people of Blyth voting for the Conservatives, after always voting Labour.

Dead Parliament Turkeys Could Not Postpone Christmas This Time

LONDON - England - The landslide win by Boris and Conservatives is proof that the dead parliament turkeys could not postpone Christmas forever.

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