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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Far Right Elected in Austria Daily Squib Accurately Predicted in 2012

LINZ - Austria - The Daily Squib accurately predicted in 2012, of the rise of far-right fascist EU leaders and their subsequent election into power.

Corbyn: “Next Election, Students Will Vote Three Times Each For Labour”

LONDON - England - With revelations that Corbyn Labour supporting students voted twice in the election, there are no regrets at Labour HQ.

Champagne Socialist BBC Comedian Honours Corbyn Labour Election Win

SALFORD - England - It's another victory for the champagne socialist comedian circuit of the BBC and their hero Jeremy Corbyn.

He Who Controls the Young and Gullible Voters is King

GRIMSBY - England - Like lambs to the slaughter, they followed their shepherd without question as he doled out those sweet saccharin lies, false promises and delicious bribes.

Post-Election Latest: Therexit Put on Hold For Brexit

LONDON - England - In a remarkable turn of events the inevitable exit of Theresa May, (dubbed Therexit) has been put on hold.

Therexit On the Cards as the Weak and Wobbly Cannot Negotiate...

LONDON - England - The Eurocrats in Brussels have smelled blood, and this is why they are so eager for the now mortally wounded PM, Theresa May to start negotiations.

Labour Vote: Where British Self-Hatred and Gullibility Succeeded in Britain’s Demise

SCUNTHORPE - England - Those who voted for Labour on June 8th, 2017 despise their own country, they hate being British, they hate their own country, and their self-hatred spewed over the polling booths creating a maelstrom of even more hatred and despair.

Proper Brexit Now F***ed Thanks to Theresa May

LONDON - England - She couldn't cope, so she called an early General Election and now Brexit will be decided by a bunch of Marxist Remainers.

Exit Polls: May Day, May Day, Where’s Boris to Save the...

LONDON - England - If the exit polls are to be believed, the Theresa May gamble of calling an early election has fallen back in her face as a giant Conservative flop, considering the mass of young brainwashed Labour supporters bribed by freebies.

Jeremy Corbyn Serious Threat to National Security Monitored By Special Branch

LONDON - England - Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a serious threat to democracy in the UK if he is voted in on June 8. He is monitored by Special Branch and MI5.