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Nigel Farage Does the Right Thing – Will Stand in General Election to Lead Reform Party

LONDON - England - Nigel Farage is now the Reform Party leader and will run for parliament in Clacton at the General Election.

Amongst great adversity, Nigel Farage has announced he will take over from Richard Tice as Reform Party leader and run for parliament in Clacton at the July 4th General Election.

Leader for Next 5 Years

Millions of let down people across Britain will now feel a lot let less down, and hold an ember of hope that things can change in this beleaguered country struck by electoral malaise and apathy with the current two awful choices Labour and Conservative.

The Conservative Party has already lost the majority of voters who will never vote for them in the coming General Election and maybe never vote for them again in any circumstances.

Maybe the voters who were thinking of staying at home will think again when they at least have Farage to vote for amongst a very poor selection of political parties.

In all certainty, the Nigel Farage announcement today puts a spanner into the works and some real passionate energy into the rather insipid election campaigning going on currently.

The unelected Sunak will stay unelected and the morose Labour leader Comrade Starmer will scrape a mediocre win with a tiny majority. That’s the election, and under the current First-past-the-post electoral system, Farage will somehow wing his way through despite all odds.

Now that Farage is back this will seriously impact the Tory vote and the Brexiteers hanging on the sidelines will be now queuing to vote for Reform and Nigel Farage. Things will increase in voracity as the days and hours move along towards the culminating point of the General Election. As the voting booths open at the polling stations, voters will have at least something to vote for. The torrid lameness of the Conservative Party and Labour will no doubt see many of their voters desert them to the environs of Reform.

Britain is to be forever changed.


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