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BREAKING: Farage to Announce Election Run at 4PM GMT

LONDON - England - Nigel Farage is set to make an important announcement at 4PM.

This election is possibly the last chance for Nigel Farage, The Father of Brexit, to make his final stand and secure his ideals for Great Britain. The Tories have dropped the ball, and with Labour creeping through the mire, the Reform Party is a possible option for millions of Brits to make a statement.

Of course, nothing is ever certain in any UK election, and luckily for Britain the counting system on election day/night is not corrupted like the USA, but there can be little surprises that rock the boat sometimes.

Whoever you vote for or do not vote for is inconsequential in some countries, but thankfully the UK has some standing in a decent, solid and fair electoral counting system.

Many in Britain will be standing by to vote Farage, as the other lacklustre choices are too vomitus to even consider voting for.

Sunak and his insipid team of limp flops have already lost the vote to many Britons, and the awful nasal rantings of the Marxist Starmer will be too awful to bear as well.

There’s only one man who has a deep understanding on how the EU works, and how Britain can move forward globally, leading the way in these turbulent times — Nigel Farage.

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