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Death of Democracy: Threat Farage Denied Electoral Voice

CARDIFF - Wales - The death of democracy is in full swing in Britain as Farage is banned from the BBC election debate, amongst other bans.

The supposed impartial BBC has banned Reform Party leader Nigel Farage from electoral debates, and many other legacy media outlets have actively attacked and cancelled the Reform Party and its leader. The UK is meant to be a democratic country, so why is it now acting like an undemocratic country?

Fear is the obvious reason. The initial fear involved by any establishment system that has a complete hold over any form of narrative is that their all-encompassing hold over the public is undermined, and this is why they will go to extreme lengths to destroy/cancel/undermine any voice that is an opposing force to their control system.

The majority of the public are a threat to the establishment simply because of their numbers. The controlling system is a minority in numbers, and they witnessed the vitriol of the public when a sizeable number voted for Brexit during the fateful EU Referendum in 2016. We witnessed almost seven years of a dirty war by establishment forces trying desperately to deny that democratic vote, and even today Brexit is under severe threat of being reversed.

It is only natural now, as the Reform Party is neck and neck in the polls with the establishment Conservative Party, that the exact same threat against democracy is being enacted by the controlling forces, who greatly fear the result of the upcoming election. Thankfully for them, Britain’s First-Past-the-Post system will ensure that the Reform Party is denied any real active role in parliament, despite possibly receiving over 20% of the vote.

Do we actually live in a democracy? No, is the basic answer, simply because there is no electoral even playing field. Year after year, decade after decade, the same status quo is presented as the supposed electoral results come through. You either get Labour or Conservative, and not only that, whichever party is voted in to office, you as the voter receive pretty much the same policies and governance, with tiny negligible differences.

Nigel Farage is thus a great threat to the establishment parties because he speaks an element of truth which resonates with millions of voters, and this is why democracy is put aside in an attempt to stop him.


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