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Concert News: Pop Mime Artiste is a Big Hit With British Audiences

WEMBLEY STADIUM - England - A pop mime artiste who performed to a full stadium in a lip sync live mime show is a big hit.

Imagine paying upwards of £700 for a “live” concert ticket to see a pop mime artiste lip sync to a backing track onstage? Well, it seems standards do not matter to the little girlies getting their mummies and daddies to pay through the nose to furnish the already brimming bank account of pop starlet Taylor Swift jetting around the world in private jets to hold fake concerts.

What is touted as live music these days for the pop crowd is not actually live but intricately designed concert shows where previously recorded autotune and AI material is mimed to onstage, fooling their dedicated fans. Of course, the backing tracks are shut off and the microphone feed enabled when the pop mime artiste says a few words to the audience between songs to keep up the pretence.

Just about “the look”

Record companies deploy backing tracks for pop acts because the gay dance moves involved in pop concerts are quite arduous for their acts, and many have no vocal talent without studio trickery.

“Female pop mime artiste Taylor Swift for example has many costume changes and dance moves. She changes her costumes as often as she changes her men. This is more of a visual event, and the music is an afterthought, not our primary concern. The backing tracks are studio quality recordings that enhance the experience for the dumbed down audiences. The fucking idiots who follow this particular act are not conversant on what constitutes real music or live music, therefore they can easily be fooled. They’re just happy to pay hundreds of dollars or pounds to see their squeaking pop idol miming along and fooling thousands of screaming little girlies,” one of the recording executives involved with numerous pop mime acts revealed before driving off in his Maserati.

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