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You Won’t Believe What Taylor Swift’s Hobby is?

NEW YORK - USA - According to industry insiders, pop singer Taylor Swift has a rather strange hobby.

Taylor Swift fans may not believe this, but the pop starlet has a very weird and strange hobby. According to entertainment gossip outlet TMZ, the pop star like’s to do something in her spare time that is way off kilter and away from the glamorous world of showbiz.

Entertainment insiders have revealed the details of how Taylor Swift likes to spend hours and sometimes days doing a hobby that many would find strange.

“Taylor could be booked into the Ritz, but late at night she dresses up like a homeless person and goes out into the streets where she rolls around in trash and garbage. She then sits on the sidewalk and does nothing for hours. This is her hobby, for her this is how she has fun,” a record executive with her label revealed on Tuesday.

Social media frenzy

Upon hearing of this weird fetish, fans stormed the social networks trying to get pictures and photos as proof.

One Twitter X user, Naomi78 said: “I won’t believe a word of it until I see it for myself.” Then when another user posted a photograph it was still denied.

“I still don’t believe it. The pic could be AI or photoshop. This is fake news!” the Twitter X user added.

The news leak could actually boost sales for the artiste, and Swift’s record label, Big Machine Records in Nashville were playing the news down, although eager to profit from the rumours.

Record executive and VP for marketing, Donald Swanker, made a brief statement: “What Taylor Swift does in her spare time is her business. If she wants to do those alleged activities in the streets of NYC, we support her fully. In fact, we commend her for bringing the hardship of the homeless forward as a talking point.”

UPDATE: Executives have been scrambling to halt a leaked song from their artistes secret roster.

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