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It’s Boring in the Queue to be Taylor Swift’s Next Man

LOS ANGELES - USA - Thousands of men have been the flavour of the minute for pop star Taylor Swift. It's hard being in the queue though.

The pop singer and female icon, Taylor Swift is a woman who gets what she wants, and then moves on swiftly. She has gone through entire baseball teams, male counterpart pop singers, ice hockey teams, electricians, plumbers, record producers, and even some lucky fans.

It is however quite an arduous and boring task to be in the queue to be with Taylor Swift; not only because the queue of men waiting is so long, but it is also the thought that you will be one of many with sloppy thousands, and will be discarded like an old partially eaten doner kebab takeaway soon after she spreads her lovely long legs.

“I have been in the queue for over a year, and it is really hard work. Sometimes Taylor will text and tease me by saying I am next on the list, but give her five minutes, and she hooks up with another man,” a minor relatively good-looking pop star told entertainment trash news site TMZ.

Taylor Swift is currently dating an American football player from the Kansas City Chiefs, but it’s only a matter of time until she gets bored of the meathead.

Kansas City Chiefs manager, Burt Kormack, revealed that Swift has been good for team morale.

“She’s going through the team pretty fast, and the boys are loving the Taylor Swift attention. I heard sometimes she goes through a meathead phase, and this is why we’re here, to service her over-used vagina when she wants it. I haven’t had any complaints, we’re scoring more touchdowns this season.”

More women need to embrace the Taylor Swift method, a liberation of women after thousands of years of chastity and terrible restrictions.

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