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5th Wave Feminist “Physically Sick” After Man Would Not Sleep With Her

LONDON - England - A 5th wave feminist has had a man cancelled for daring to speak his opinion.

A 5th wave feminist who wants all men to commit suicide and die, today voiced her outrage and how she felt “physically sick” after a man voiced his opinion that her psychopathic and hateful views were “off-putting,” and he would not even “shag her”.


The one-sided feminist agenda media were today outraged that the man dared to voice his opinion about the 5th wave feminist.

“We are outraged and have immediately cancelled the man for daring to speak the truth. Men should all be punished for voicing their opinions, especially as they are punch bags to be repeatedly beaten down and denigrated in all media, advertising and in the law courts. Any man who dares voice their opinion about any issue regarding radical 5th wave feminist misery-porn socialist women, especially if they look like a blonde bimbo, need to be cancelled effective immediately. We will not stand for such things, and warn any other man from ever speaking out,” a media watchdog wearing dungarees barked from her Islington flat.

Okay, if the man was clever, he would have shagged her irrespective of her viewpoints, but it would have to be a really hard session, so that she could maybe feel the power of male virility. The man would have to bring the woman to the point of no return as she climaxed multiple times, taking great care to push inwards with not only manly force but a certain gentleness as well. The idea is to stop her talking for at least five minutes with her morose feminist soviet ideologies.


“The problem with most feminists is that many have never really had a good shag, but looking at some of them, you can see why. Yes, there are rarities who are actually beautiful, but the muck that comes out of their mouths is off-putting to many men. You just need to substitute the muck these 5th wave feminists spout by maybe putting something in there instead, I am sure that would shut them up,” another man said, just before being cancelled, arrested, publicly flogged and paraded through the streets to jeers from crowds of enraged feminists.


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