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Anti-Art #metoo Puritans Order Removal of All Female Nude Paintings Worldwide...

MANCHESTER - England - The #metoo puritans have surfaced again, this time in an art gallery to ban some masterpiece paintings.

Big Silence: Real Women Fight Back Puritanical #metoo Feminists

PARIS - France - Actress, Catherine Deneuve and 100 other women have spoken up against the puritanical #metoo feminists who are conducting a campaign of male hatred.

Dunkirk: Triggered Feminist Wants More Women Fighting in WW2 Films

NEW YORK - USA - Women's magazine columnist Mehantara Boner is upset that the new blockbuster movie Dunkirk is an "excuse for men to celebrate maleness".

Confused Feminist Celebrity Shows Off T*ts

LOS ANGELES – USA – An actress who pedals her sexual attractiveness at every turn to further her career is also a staunch feminist, according to reports from news media.

This is Not Feminism, This is the Violent Feminazi Revolution

NEW YORK - USA - This is not feminism, this is the violent revolution. Feminism is the belief that all people should be treated equally, regardless of their gender.

Experts: Psychology of Feminazis Finally Revealed

LONDON - England - The term 'feminazi' is an accurate description of an extreme feminist, and a team of researchers have sought to study the psychological demons that haunt this totalitarian movement.

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