A new advert which depicts toxic feminism as the cure for all the world’s ills has been hailed by all mainstream media news sites as well as socialists as a success.

This advert shows that toxic feminism is a beautiful thing because it depicts the death of all men from the earth. The advert promotes that all males should be aborted at birth leaving only females on the planet. It also suggests that all remaining men and boys be put into specialist concentration camps to be killed off by hard work breaking rocks, or simply shot in the head.

The advert, was commissioned by tampon company Crampax and shows a world where there are no men left alive. All the women are living wonderful calm lives knitting and sewing, some are gardening, and others are playing with their daughters. The camera then pans slowly under the ground and shows the bones of men underneath where the women stand. The camera then shows green grass and shrubs growing over the concentration camp barbed wire where the men were held once, and the abandoned abortion hospitals where male babies were aborted before cutting to the Crampax logo and pictures of smiling women.

Directed by Australian extreme feminist Nikita Snatch, for UK agency Endlösung, the advertisement has aired now in over 70 countries to much critical acclaim.

Since the denigration of all men is now normalised, toxic feminism is the defacto norm in all of Western world and is encouraged at all levels of society.

Shares in Crampax are up by 34% since airing the ad.

Endlösung spokeswoman, Kiehl Ullman, is pleased that the advert has received such a pleasing reception: “Predictive programming is something we excel at, and our toxic feminist credo is one that wishes to kill all men on the planet. Forget equality, we want complete superiority and death of all men. Our feminist agenda is supported at the highest levels, so there is no one that can say or do anything about it. Now fuck off, you disgusting toxic masculine piece of shit before I vomit into your face and stab you in the testicles.”