children of the eu

Remainers are people bereft of fair minded thought, they are bereft of sportsmanship, they are bereft of accepting a loss graciously, and they are inherently corrupt in their extremist behaviour regarding their opposition to the EU referendum result to leave the EU.

Corrupt behaviour fails at some level eventually as the tricks Remainers utilise to stifle democracy are at some point exhausted.

It is to this end we must feel supremely sorry for these people because their actions are so desperately wrong, and they are so deluded in their ineffectual techniques to destabilise the real will of the people of Britain and that is to leave the EU.

To try to awaken a Remainer from their hive-like programming and institutional allegiance to the EU is a dangerous feat in itself, but one must understand that these people have been programmed in soviet EU ideology from youth, and it is all they know. Much like awakening a sleeping dog, things can get dangerous, as you may get bitten by the vitriolic anger these deluded morons hold.

npc communist socialist brainwashed drones

Much of the lower tier of Remainers are simply blind followers who do not actually know anything about geopolitics, or the political construct of the EU let alone name a single MEP, or member of the EU Commission. The lower level followers of Remain are usually the brainwashed students you see waving their placards and EU flags outside parliament, they are only concerned with EU free travel, EU study grants, free EU stuff, mobile phone roaming charges and other trivial things.

The higher tier Remainers are only concerned about one thing, above their country’s sovereign status or even their own children, these people are only concerned about money. The EU for them constitutes either blank cheques, funding for their wasteful socialist pet projects, or quiet backhanders and pension funds. They would happily sell their own nation down the line or sell their own children off for medical experiments for money, and these psychopathic Remainers are the ones at the top of the pyramid in parliament and business causing the most trouble. To try to reason with them that they could make even more money under WTO rules, or become even richer when the UK does not send off millions per week into the EU black hole is pretty much an impossibility. These people are entrenched within the EU and their gravy train is more important than anything, least the nation’s sovereign status. These are the Lord and Lady Haw Haws of today.

Treachery is thus the mainstay of the Remainers, and they do this wholeheartedly every day, their spittle furnishing the graves of those who have died for Britain’s freedom, they would happily shit out a turd onto the Cenotaph as long as they could keep their brown envelopes stuffed with EU cash delivered straight from Brussels. Remainers are no doubt treasonous scum, not even fit for any form of trial, but to simply be taken out into the streets where justice would be properly administered.

Without Brexit, without a clean cut, a No Deal clean Brexit, there will be great injustice and anger across the country. This will perhaps be the first and last revolution seen in Britain because its strength will be so fearsome. Remainers are already known, they are shamelessly parading themselves all over the place, and it will no doubt be a messy business, as the gutters fill with their screams of shame. No Deal is the last and only bargaining chip left and it will not be fucked with.

All losers have to stand aside at some time, they will have to do this either with dignity or by force, but Remainers will eventually have to step back, because at the end of the day, they will have no choice, as the revolt will ensure that justice is served, and that democracy is preserved over the corrupt Remainers and their little plots.

No one really wants to see the real or theoretical hanging fruit decorating the lamp posts of Westminster however it is perfectly possible that it could come to that point, especially within the volatile climate we are in where all parliamentary policies of democracy seem to have vanished, because it is then that other ways can be employed to get things done properly. If there is no democracy left in Britain, what is left? Direct action.