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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Good News: EU Has Change of Heart Lets Britain Go Without...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Much like a kind hearted hostage taker, the EU has had a pleasant change of heart, and will let Britain leave without having to pay a massive ransom payment.

Carving Up the Turkey This Christmas Will Be Fun

LONDON - England - Gone before Christmas, Theresa May must now know that the betting odds are against her.

Brexit: Ridiculed Theresa May Close to Breaking Point

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Theresa May, the British PM, is looking more and more isolated in the EU's negotiating rooms and halls of inequity.

Juncker: “I Want to Make Britain Suffer Terribly”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - It's just another day in the EU for Jean Claude Juncker.

Pity the Poor Naive Theresa May and Her Remainer Brexit

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Touted as another breakthrough in negotiations -- just more egg on the sour face of Theresa May, this time freshly fried from the Brussels kitchen of no, no, no.

Anti-Terrorism Experts: Remainers are a Danger to National Security

LONDON - England - Rampant EU Remainers or Remoaners are a danger to Britain's national security a secretive UK think tank has revealed.

Anti-British Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt Obsessed by Peas

BRUSSELS - Belgium - EU Brexit negotiator and agitator, Guy Verhofstadt, has proclaimed his love for peas.

Naive Theresa May So Gullible She Falls For Nigerian Email Scam

LONDON - England - The naive and gullible PM, Theresa May, was nearly scammed by a Nigerian email con.

That Theresa May No Brexit Florence Speech in Full

FIRENZE - Italy - Theresa May has finally completed that much hyped speech she delivered today.

Why Being Anti-EU Does Not Mean You Are Anti-Europe

LONDON - England - The undemocratic EU is a totally separate body to Europe and its people.