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Monday, June 26, 2017
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Brexit Betrayal: Theresa May Must Be Ousted By Brexiteers Immediately

LONDON - England - Today was the day when Remainer, Theresa May finally showed her hand by betraying one of the main tenets of the EU referendum, and that was stopping free movement to secure Britain's borders.

New EU Brexit Gameshow Starts With a Bang

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The unsavoury task of talking to pig headed unelected EU technocrats is an unfortunate necessity for Brexit to begin.

Post-Election Latest: Therexit Put on Hold For Brexit

LONDON - England - In a remarkable turn of events the inevitable exit of Theresa May, (dubbed Therexit) has been put on hold.

Therexit On the Cards as the Weak and Wobbly Cannot Negotiate...

LONDON - England - The Eurocrats in Brussels have smelled blood, and this is why they are so eager for the now mortally wounded PM, Theresa May to start negotiations.

Proper Brexit Now F***ed Thanks to Theresa May

LONDON - England - She couldn't cope, so she called an early General Election and now Brexit will be decided by a bunch of Marxist Remainers.

Exit Polls: May Day, May Day, Where’s Boris to Save the...

LONDON - England - If the exit polls are to be believed, the Theresa May gamble of calling an early election has fallen back in her face as a giant Conservative flop, considering the mass of young brainwashed Labour supporters bribed by freebies.

EU Law: Britain Cannot Do Anything to Watched Jihadis Roaming Britain

LONDON - England - As long as Britain is tied down by EU law, it cannot do much about the terrorists roaming Britain ready to strike.

EU Conspiracy Manipulated Electoral Polls to Dupe May Into Calling Early...

LONDON - England - One of the necessary rules of warfare is never underestimate your enemy, but sadly this rule may have fallen on deaf ears in Theresa May's camp, who may have been duped into calling an early general election.

Jean Claude Juncker: The Gift That Keeps Giving

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Ever since our delectable friend, Jean Claude Juncker has been the grand emissary and top unelected man of the EU, things have worked out very nicely for those who feel the bile coming up at every mention of the EU.

EU Releases Ransomware Virus Onto Brexit Britain

LONDON -England - The virus that has infected and effectively shut down 95% of government computers in the UK was penned and designed by a rogue group of hackers called the European Union Commission.