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Remainer Campaign to Oust Boris Reaching Its Zenith

LONDON - England - As Boris Johnson barely survives a confidence vote from his own party members, it is clear the remainer knives are out to do some damage.

Why Loveable Cad Boris Johnson’s Job is Safe

LONDON - England - As slippery as a box of electric eels, Boris Johnson seems to skip through the trials and tribulations thrown at him with ease.

Ukrainian Struggle For Freedom From Russia is Their Brexit Moment

KYIV - Ukraine - The fight for sovereignty and freedom from Russia is similar to the fight for freedom from the EU with Brexit.

Forget About “Levelling Up” What About Finishing Brexit?

LONDON - England - Marketing slogans and empty promises like "Levelling Up" need to be superseded by actually finishing Brexit.

DAS BOOT : Von Der Leyen Considering Sending EU-boats Against Global...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - EU F├╝hrer Ursula von der Leyen has commissioned thousands of EU-boat submarines to stop global imports into the UK.

If the Remainers are Furious – It’s a Good Brexit Deal...

LONDON - England - A jubilant Boris Johnson has revealed a breakthrough with Brexit negotiations, as a final deal with the EU has been accepted.

Britons Now is the Time to Dig For Victory 2.0

LONDON - England - As the EU cuts off our food supplies, the message in Britain is Dig For Victory. Everyone should be in the garden growing their own food.

Brexit Punishment: Dictator Macron Shuts Off Freight to Britain

CALAIS - France - As French dictator Macron cuts off vital food and medicine supplies to Britain, it is all too obvious that this is a Brexit warning using the pretence of Covid.

Brexit Britain: Buy British Export British

LONDON - England - As the final date of Brexit comes up, Britain must not capitulate or give up its right to freedom at all. It must forge ahead globally bypassing the EU if need be.

November Will be a Very Important Month For Globalist Overlords

BEIJING - China - After November, if all goes as planned for the globalists, coronavirus will suddenly and magically disappear.

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