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Poor Old Moggy Mauled by Rabid Leftist Remainer Rottweiler

LONDON - England - It seems that Jacob Rees-Mogg may have had a little bit more than he could chew with GB News guest Marina Purkiss.


Courtesy of GB News, entertainment does sometimes come in disguise of a political discussion on wokism and freedom of speech. Jacob Rees-Mogg, always the gentleman, was put upon in a most unceremonious fashion by some foaming at the mouth Eastenders she-bitch Rottweiler from what seems to be Britain’s underground communist Bolshevik remainer movement. With proof that rabies does indeed seem to be flourishing in the UK, Marina Purkiss attempted to give Mogg the kiss of death with her razor sharp talons and snapping jaw.

“I bet she’s a real goer in bed, though,” one member of the audience said, winking. Yes, Purkiss does exhibit the passion of a woman who can fuck till dawn then demand another three days and nights of more fucking, but does that quality redeem her antics as an ultra Marxist soviet Commissar out to kill all rich people and murder all non-communists in their beds? You can bet on it, after a night with Purkiss, you could very well wake up and look down to see her evil smile just before she lops the lot off with a rusty pen knife — all because you are a vile male, and you deserve it.

Just watching this wonderful woman in action will bring on a semi to many, but does she have a point about Brexit? Well, yes and no to be honest, most of her points fall short because she simply does not get her facts right. If Rees-Mogg can get a word in edgeways, he presents the rabid Rottweiler with key facts, which of course she dismisses as lies. You can do that in a discussion, just keep shouting out that the other person is lying, and sometimes it can work, but most of the time it will be you who looks like a tit.

At one point, Jacob Rees-Mogg should have stood up abruptly, grabbed her and put her over his knee for a bit of spank therapy, but these are not the good old Victorian days anymore so that’s unfortunately out of the question.

Now that the remainers are in complete control of the Bank of England, Treasury, Civil Service and Cabinet, to send out this wailing banshee for some stiff kamikaze action on one of the last Brexiteers still standing, you could say is the final straw for Brexit.

Thank you, GB News, for such entertainment, next time though we want Marina Purkiss in a mud pit with Michelle Dewberry (phwoar). The Daily Squib office would pay good money to see that.

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