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Corpse Launches 2024 Election Campaign

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - A rotting walking corpse has announced it will run for election in 2024, setting the stage for a potential match with Donald Trump.

The putrefying corrupt Democrat announced its push for presidency on Tuesday. Shuffling on to the podium, the corpse tried to speak but could only groan, dribbling a smelly green substance from its rotting lips.

If Donald Trump can’t win against a walking corpse, then the game is definitely rigged.

In 2020, the ballot stuffing and postal votes ensured a Democrat win.

Political commentator Josh Rubin defended the Democrat party’s corrupt practices in 2020.

“Remember on election night when Trump was in the lead when suddenly all counting stopped for a moment. Then there was a vertical graph line of the Democrats suddenly appearing out of nowhere, leaving Trump behind. That was the very moment in real time when the election fraud took place. It was like 911. People saw it with their own eyes, but could not believe the blatant audacity of it.

“Many stayed silent, some voiced their concern only to be punished later by a compromised system. We now control everything and will do it again in 2024, or at least we will try another false win. We have the keys to the city, and the Republicans are locked out.”

The corpse may very well win in 2024, but with a compromised system, you could put a piece of dog shit in its place and that would win too.

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