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Luxury Watch Company Fights Back With Support For Women’s Sport

FLORIDA - USA - Luxury watch company Egard Watches fights for women's sport with a new ad.


Transgender people should have their own sports category, simply because being born as a biological male is physically advantageous to biological women. It does not matter if a trans person thinks they are female if they were born as a man, the skeletal and muscular strength they have is far superior to a biological female. An ad for Egard Watches, a Florida-based boutique timepiece and jewellery firm, is fighting back against woke companies who do not value women and their rights.

Women should have the right to compete against their own gender without other interferences. Women should also have the right to go to public toilets without men invading their spaces. Women should have the right to shower in peace in gyms without men intruding on their territory.

Women’s rights Women’s sport

The company, founded by Ilan Srulovicz, followed up on its “What is a Woman” ad with a spot calling out Budweiser and Nike for embracing transgenderism. The ad is titled, “ERASED – A message to woke corporate America (Nike & Budweiser),” and features a young woman pursuing her lifelong goal of being the fastest woman in the world.

“I think there’s this huge culture war taking place where there’s a certain percentage of the culture that wants to do away with the concept of gender entirely, and a lot of corporations are very woke nowadays, and they think that’s who their best clientele is,” he told the Washington Times. “And then there’s the silent percent of the country that strongly believes that these things do have value and do have meaning, and no one’s fighting for their side.”

Following the release of the ad, Srulovicz claims that YouTube has suppressed it and limited his reach, in effect, shadowbanning it.

“They’re letting it play, but it’s not getting any organic searches,” he contended. “The view count doesn’t make any sense. It goes up and then it comes down again, and then they’ve restricted us from advertising across all Google platforms. So if you can’t advertise an ad and they close down any organic searches for it, your ad is not going to get any views.”

The bottom line is, there are multiple variables and nuances to gender, and a lot of woke companies are bulldozing over these just to make a political point and pander to the woke masses who do not have any standards and follow blindly without question. Life and biology is much more complicated and nuanced than simply putting some guy who claims he is female in a woman’s 400m race with big bulging muscles with or without a cock and balls.

Bravo to Egard Watches for standing up to the truth.


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