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First Transgender Woman Crowned Miss Minnesota 2021

ST PAUL - USA - Shaquashisha LaQwandwell, 23, is the first ever transgender woman to win the Minnesota Beauty Pageant .

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Hailing from the small town of Brainerd, Minnesota, Shaquashisha LaQwandwell, 23, the state’s first ever transgender woman, was crowned Miss Minnesota in St. Paul on Monday.

This year’s Minnesota beauty pageant was an all-inclusive affair, with not only transgender women invited but even paraplegic women were duly encouraged to join.

Under Joe Biden’s new transgender directives, if you are a transgender biological male, you are welcome to join not only the military but any sport for women, or beauty pageant.

Accepting her prize LaQwandwell was naturally happy to win such a prestigious contest, and is now pushing her sights to enter Miss USA, and even the Miss Universe contest.

“Imma aks y’all do you lakk ma beautiful face and figure ni**az, cuz y’all bitchez gonna see me sashay in to Miss USA soon. Imma gon enter Miss USA, not wit ma 15 inch but da contest silly. Gotcha dere!”

At one point, LaQwandwell dropped her flowers and bent over to pick them up giving the judges all a solid eyeful of her meat and two veg, but that was neither here nor there, she has every right as any woman to join the contest. Bigotry and discrimination will not be tolerated.

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