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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Even Putin Disgusted by Repulsive Western Communist Woke Agenda

LONDON - England - The repulsive Woke agenda of the West is unfortunately here to stay, as much as many dislike it.

Transgender Weightlifting Knight-ess Comes to Save Women’s Olympics

TOKYO - Japan - The women's Olympic weightlifting event will thankfully be saved by a New Zealand transgender woman.

Transphobes Could be Forced to Change Sex Says Consortium

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Transphobes could be physically forced to undergo sex change operations because of their anti- trans beliefs.

Transplaining Transgender Gender Fluid Lesbian Male Escapes Reprimand

LONDON - England - A pregnant woman who dared to confront a transpreading, transplaining trans entity on the London Underground is today dealing with the consequences.

First Transgender Woman Crowned Miss Minnesota 2021

ST PAUL - USA - Shaquashisha LaQwandwell, 23, is the first ever transgender woman to win the Minnesota Beauty Pageant .

Creature That Bleeds Once a Month is Not a Woman

LONDON - England - Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, and Daniel Radcliffe along with numerous others have had a transargument.

We Must Discuss Transgender Rights During Coronavirus Pandemic

CALIFORNIA - USA - Transgender activists plan to boycott any hospitals if the staff mis-pronoun them, even if they are dying from coronavirus.

Man With No Penis Wins Women’s Tennis Tournament

NEW YORK - USA - Transgender woman, Fifi Leroux, won the Women's New York State Tennis Tournament in straight sets.

Why Men Are Being Targeted in the West

CALIFORNIA -USA - Masculinity and men are being targeted and denigrated in the West for a very good reason by Russia and China.

Californian Man Who Used Wrong Gender Pronoun Now a Social Outcast

LOS ANGELES - USA - A Californian man has had his life completely ruined when he accidentally used a wrong gender pronoun.

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