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Privileged Woman Who Became a Man Realises Male Hardship

LOS ANGELES - USA - A biological woman who transitioned to being a man realises how lonely it is and how hard it is to be male.

The female sex is much more privileged than the male from birth, and are protected throughout their lives, given special privileges and support systems. Despite feminist protestations of inequality and the demonisation of men on a constant basis, women have never had it so good. Mollycoddled women are given more chances to succeed than men these days, and this is shown in all parts of life and employment, whilst men are denigrated constantly and punished just for being biological men with testosterone.

This is what a biological female has sadly found out for herself after transitioning to be a man through surgery and hormone treatment. Being a man is a lonely existence, and as real men find out from an early age, they just have to deal with it. Being masculine in this day and age is now considered ‘toxic’ and is almost being criminalised in Western society. Unless you are some movie star or have extreme good looks men cannot walk into any bar or pub in the world and pick up any woman they want, yet a woman can go into any bar or club in the world and merely wink at a guy, and she is assured service. The dating apps are similar examples of this where pretty much every female account will have thousands of desperate male attention boosting the already huge egos of these women, yet men are not worth much on these meat-market platforms apart from just being a piece of dumb meat and another man amongst millions of lonely guys chasing after the same women.

Women are acquiring great wealth on sites like Onlyfans by showing off their bodies, and this is the crux of the matter — the female body. Why would a person gifted with such an aesthetically pleasing form of feminine beauty not be happy about this beautiful gift? Women possess something that makes men go wild — their bodies. From head to toe, each woman is blessed with this powerful shape, and not only that, it can magically bear children, a true gift. Why would a woman reject this natural biological beauty to be relegated to being a man, ignored, denigrated and shit on by a society now completely aligned to accommodate women in every way?

To be a man is lonely, we do not have friends like women do, there is no male support network like women have. We get punched in the face, beaten up, suck it up like a man. Trampled on, thrown into the front lines in war, have every penny that you earned with backbreaking work given away in a divorce, and are thrown to the dogs in the court system designed specifically to serve women. If we are on a sinking ship, it’s women and children first, the men stay on board as the Titanic sinks into the freezing cold black ocean. Men go over the top in the trenches, mowed down by machine guns, men pick up your bins and do the jobs that women would never do, because women are protected. The trans person in the video decrying their loneliness as a man will however never know what it is like to be a real man because biologically they are still female in DNA, skeleton, chromosomes and their brain is still female. Women have smaller brains than men, and our brains are wired differently to women. Real men will never accept a trans man as a real man, therefore that person will probably never realise the camaraderie that real men have, especially in times of war or danger, or simply in daily life. Boardrooms in top companies are now filled with female board members, CEOs, whatever. They are shoehorned into these jobs over men, who are rejected due to quotas and ‘positive affirmation’. All of this is why men commit suicide more than women. The suicide rates for young men are through the roof in most Western nations, and yet men are still incessantly punished and denigrated. Men die earlier than women for a very good reason.

Despite all of this, real men deal with this shit and its brutal truth from a very young age. It is fight or die — simple as that. Biological women will never know that because they were privileged, protected and mollycoddled since birth. Ultimately, it makes no sense that any woman would thus transition into being a man, especially these days where real men are second class citizens, used then discarded with no thought at all.

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