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Daily Squib Predicted in 2020 Global Threat Needed For World Government

LONDON - England - One world government will need a global threat to materialise. Recent Pentagon claims of alien craft and life being a possible threat could be used to justify NWO.

In light of all the UFO and alien information being released by Pentagon and Air Force officials, we must take into account why this is being done right now. In 2020 we wrote a satirical article about an all encompassing global threat being utilised to achieve a one world government.

The recent 2023 claims by an Air Force intelligence officer, David Grusch cannot be verified in any way, therefore this could be another psychological operation being released to the public. If there is no verifiable evidence, the agencies working undercover could still use the ruse that alien craft have been recovered and are leaking information to somehow cause fear amongst the population, thus allowing a totalitarian system to be installed globally modelled on the brutal Chinese communist regime.

Because these covert agencies are not releasing any sort of physical evidence to their claims, it should be assumed they are not telling the truth. There are no alien craft, and there are no aliens recovered from the craft. If they at some point show the public viable evidence which can be scientifically proven as to these craft existing, along with alien life, and that some of these aliens are a real threat to humans, there could be some movement. Yes, there are some videos released by the Pentagon with orbs flying around and doing crazy manoeuvres, but at the end of the day, this is not conclusive proof of alien life, as these objects could be terrestrial technology.

An agency which is not included in any list of known agencies has revealed that to assume a single world government, there will need to be a global threat that would bring all national governments together as one world order. Globalism is not over, and there are deep state operators within certain leading nations that still have a plan. These operators are protected and work in secrecy within limitless black budgets.

It is not enough to have a threat that is created by another country to bring upon a world unity governing control system, the threat must come or be perceived to come from another planet other than ours or not be human, something like a virus. Only with this type of threat will all world governments relinquish their national identities to converge with the single world governing body which will be created to counteract the global threat.

Experts: Global Unity Government Will Need Global Threat

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