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Apparently Aliens and UFOs are Real According to High Rank Intelligence Officer

LOS ALAMOS - USA - According to US Air Force insider David Grusch alien craft and aliens have been around for quite some time.

Here’s the thing, as a species we rarely believe stuff until we see it with our own eyes, and this is the case with the latest report from News Nation (link only viewable outside EU) who claim that a high ranking U.S. Air Force Intelligence officer, David Grusch was admitted to a secret governmental operation where he was told that aliens exist, and that the US has been holding UFOs, or UAPs for decades. According to Grusch, the US has thousands of these craft, and have also back-engineered the technology.

We at the Daily Squib are sceptical about these reports, especially as the controlled corporate media machinery is not touching this story. Furthermore, it seems that Grusch has been given the green light to report the news from the DoD that there are little green men amongst us.

Make your own mind up. We certainly believe through video evidence that there are unexplained phenomena with craft flying at insane speed like the tic-tac video, but there is still no solid proof that those craft are exotic alien craft or advanced tech from the US military.

If the US government holds technology like antigravity craft, why have they been so quiet about it for decades and lied to the American people? Our guess is that the echelons above do not want to waste such tech on the populations of the earth in their current state. Once the population has maybe been whittled down, they will unearth the technology for the future cities, where the few humans left will be privileged to enjoy it. That is one assumption, another would be that the USA would only unravel this type of tech in a serious military scenario, and could be a deterrent against enemies like China and Russia from doing anything funny.

As for aliens and UFOs, where does this leave people like Elon Musk, who seems to be floundering on even the most basic technology, albeit with big promises? His antiquated rockets using wasteful booster rockets will look like steam engines next to the alien tech.

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