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Government Preparing Population For Alien Announcement in 2027

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Extraterrestrial aliens are set to announce themselves in 2027. The government is preparing the population.

Aliens really exist. For the past 70 years, the U.S. government has been covering up and using disinformation techniques regarding UFOs/UAPs. With the proliferation of strange craft being sighted, the government has had no choice but to start preparing the population for the introduction of extraterrestrial intelligence in 2027.

Slow Drip Method

What we will see for the next few years is a drip of information released, not only from the government, but from former intelligence officers like David Grush. The purpose of these disclosures in Congress and through the media is to prepare the population for not only the introduction of extraterrestrial beings but of advanced technology far superior to human capabilities.

Predictive programming will be utilised in TV programs, films and other medium. The reason for preparations is that when the aliens make themselves known in 2027, the powers do not want mass panic to ensue. Therefore, the slow drip of information should adequately prepare the population from future extraterrestrial complete disclosure and presentation. Furthermore, the complete disclosure of alien beings could also impact on parts of the population are very religious. By disclosing that extraterrestrials exist could cause some people to realise that their religions are completely man made myths utilised as a mental control system for thousands of years.

Global unity may need a global threat, so this is another good reason where extraterrestrial beings could be used as precept to present a threat to humans. It is known that some aliens are not friendly to humans. Due to their abilities, some of these creatures could be using and manipulating government officials telepathically.

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