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Experts: Extraterrestrial Beings Will Debunk Human Religions

LONDON - England - The globe must prepare for extraterrestrial beings debunking human created religions.

Although the Daily Squib has debunked huma-constructed organised religions already, the eventual announcement and final reveal of extraterrestrial beings will compound the effect of malaise on the thousands of years of mass hypnosis and trickery upon the population of earth.

Professor Julius Tinnefoyle from Oxford University is adamant that aliens will change the perception of all man-made religions, as well as give humans the understanding of their Promethean origins.

“The great prophets spoken of in religious books may have actually been aliens from outer space masquerading as humans. They were not messengers from God, but could have simply been extraterrestrial beings. Alternatively, and more likely, these were books simply written by men. For example, after the fall of the Roman Empire, and the Roman gods, there was a purge of paganism to restore order across Europe. There needed to be a new religion with a new focus, messiah and god. Christianity was thus born, and the new level of control over the European population was inserted into every facet of life. As a control system, it was the most powerful mind control exercise ever constructed, and it worked for thousands of years. Christianity even surpassed royalty, thus creating an even more powerful weaponised form of control that even monarchs had to obey.

“I have just adjusted my tin foil hat, and the wires sticking out of it go nowhere. Yes, you may be thinking I am not sane, or rational, however please bear with me on this supposition. We are not alone, and have not been alone for some time. It is possible the ancient Egyptians and Mayans/Incas knew about the extraterrestrials. There is plenty of evidence in their art and discoveries like the Nazca Lines of Peru.

“We will need to prepare the devout, blindly religious people of the earth that their religions are man-made. It may take a number of years, but it can be accomplished. What we have is generational indoctrination to deal with, and this is the hardest type of indoctrination to break. The process will also need sensitivity. One cannot simply say to these people who have blind faith that Jesus probably did not exist, or if he did exist, he was just a normal human like everyone else. There has to be small, tiny steps to slowly reveal the truth to these people. Churches and such are institutional behemoths and are entrenched in our societal system. These beautiful buildings provide comfort to billions of people worldwide, however at the end of the day, they are still just physical buildings created and constructed by men, much like the religious books were made by men.

“Can you function as a human being without organised religion? Of course, you can, however much you may believe without question that your particular religion is the ultimate truth and word of some supernatural being, if you are presented with clear facts and clear scientific analysis, as well as proof that your religion is a mere man-made myth, then eventually you may come around to the realisation of what the universe knows.

“It is with empathy and the sincerest behest of kindness that we must treat our religious brothers and sisters. It is also our great hope that once the advanced technological mechanics of the extraterrestrials are revealed, there will be less war. The weapons that will be unveiled will be far superior to any human weapon, therefore it will be futile to even think of creating conflict against the holders of this technology. Where the multiple religions have divided humanity and created untold conflict and misery, it is possible that the extraterrestrial beings and their technology could unite humanity for the good.”

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