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Experts: There Are Aliens Amongst Us

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Non-human biologics or extra terrestrials/aliens are functioning amongst human populations, a clandestine agency has revealed.

Extra terrestrial beings are most probably among us, and are actively influencing human thought and actions through powerful telepathic means, is the conclusion from several experts from an unnamed clandestine agency.

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“Certainly there is evidence of extra terrestrial entities masquerading as humans, and of controlling human minds through telepathic means.

“The human mind is weak compared to some of the beings who visit this planet, and thus humans are easy prey to these entities. You may not believe any of this as it may be too fantastic for your limited world view and your limited intelligence, however humans can only perceive a very limited spectrum of bandwidth information. Humans are severely limited not only in eyesight, hearing, touch sense, but in telepathy. The universal bandwidth of information is vast, and humans can only see a tiny portion of what is available.

“U.S. Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch revealed in a recent Congressional hearing that the government has recovered alien beings in downed craft, and this alone gives some credence to the fact that there are extra terrestrials among us.

“Some of them can inhabit human bodies, or control humans from afar through mind control. It is possible that some of the aliens are shape-shifters, however they only have a limited time to hold human form. Some of the aliens are not friendly to humans, and are actively working at some times to harm humans.

“UAP craft are being held by United States clandestine black projects, mainly for the purpose of back engineering the advanced technology. Antigravity craft technology could revolutionise human civilisation, however this information is being suppressed by the U.S. government upper echelons because the time is not right to introduce such tech.”

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