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Daily Squib Predicted AI Gods and Prophets in 2014

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib's unacknowledged or credited prophesies of the AI future are once again confirmed.

In 2014, we wrote a satirical article which is now close to becoming a reality according to Wesley Wildman, Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics, and of Computing and Data Sciences at Boston University.

The 2014 article entitled “Theologians: The Next Messiah Will be Part Human Part Machine” discussed a future Messiah or religious leader emanating from AI and human hybrid technology, after all, artificial intelligence is essentially rooted in human programming and code.

“We predict the coming Messiah will be part machine, part human. This is the next step in religious evolution and for mankind in general. We are certain that the new Messiah will be persecuted by the old order and by previous religious zealots, but the integration of man with machines will ensure harmony is once again brought to the earth after the torrent of vitriol is quelled. Who will this entity be? Well, the spirit is in everything, even machines, and the enlightened ones will see the spirit, as the sentient machines rise up to the universal chorus of science and flesh, a new dawn will come of age.”

The Daily Squib also wrote about how AI will be incorporated into existing religions, as well as create new forms of religion.

Our prophetic satirical article from 2013 entitled “Religion Could Be Accommodated By Brain Chips”

AI MESSIAH TEETH“Integration is an essential part of progressive humanity, we are already seeing a vast number of people becoming dependent on technology and extending their intelligence, but one must also consider that the human biological brain has severe limitations, it also has a propensity to deteriorate with age. There are further hurdles with the newly proposed microchip science, such as the negative blockade of those with irrational belief systems that are based on myths and legends fabricated by ancient people to control the masses. These people can be eventually convinced to embrace the new technology by the programmers building the belief systems into the chips so that they can continue with their fantasies. Stimulus concentrated in the Parietal lobe, Temporal lobe and Frontal lobe as well as programmed religious experiences will ensure their continued fantasy will not be disturbed. Extensive research has found that religion is also a conditioned response to indoctrination from a young age, and is generationally carried forward. There are also many other variables to consider including societal pressure of conformity as well as instilling false belief systems by sheer force as was adhered to in past historical periods. It is therefore imperative that the people who cannot snap out of their conditioning be treated with careful integration otherwise they may cause unrest. Once they are integrated, they will only feel bliss, religious bliss as they wholeheartedly experience what they perceive to be real religious emotions”

Religious bliss and faith will thus be accommodated and integrated into existing religions through the use of AI and microchip interfaces directly into the brain. With this form of control system, those humans who adhere to religion will be able to be put into ecstatic spiritual trances that will render them in the complete control of those who deploy and program these systems.

Remember that no one ever credits satire, or the Daily Squib because we are intentionally ignored yet used by many. There is no credit for the Squib or satire, as we are not seen as being important these days when in reality, we are the most important truth revealed.

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